• I need a refund on an in-app purchase.

    My 5 year old made an in-app purchase and I didn't authorize it or get a password notification. I attempted to change the age after I first bought that app and I got an error saying due to privacy the age could not be...
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  • codes aren't working

    Codes for two air characters aren't being accepted. I am typing them in straight from the game screen so I know they're correct. Thoughts anyone?
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  • Help... won't work since update :(

    Hi all, my s3 updated to android 4.3 yesterday and now I can't access the game.   It goes to content download then says there had been a problem and to check connection and storage space but both are fine :/ &nb...
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  • Not working on Android

    I have a Samsung S4, i bought earlier this game and that was faulty, refunded. I realised new date on the details info page (in store), I bought again. But doesn't work too. Same version number (1.8.0), so the refre...
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