• Lost islands barrel of monkeys quest

    I got the quest, it was timed for approximately 6 days, I completed everything for the quest with the exception of requiring 25 barrels from troll camps, in the first two and a half days I received absolutely no troll...
    created by dollfinn13

    So we bought Molten Hot Dog two weeks ago which is advertised as coming with a brand new special level unlock exclusive only to his character. Put him on the portal, no unlock notification, no ''new level'' to be foun...
    created by Essayena
  • Looking for friends playing lost islands

    PLease add me: lucylightning
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  • Skylanders giants locking up on level 14 autogyro adventure

    Anyone got any ideas please? I can't complete this level because: I cannot change skylanders (It just locks up and shows the skylanders element but won't go back to the game) I cannot press triangle to open anything(t...
    created by HWebb
  • Skylander Portal Lights (On all the time?)

    I just got a Skylander Giants starter pack for my kids to use on our Wii.  It connected to my Wii via USB.  However, when the Wii is off, the portal still glows this broght purple-ish glow that I cannot figu...
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  • Skylanders Spyro advanture VS Giants

    Hi,   We never have the Skylanders Spyro advanture. But we have Skylanders Giants. Can the characters of "Spyro" work on the portal or "Giants"?   And why we can't find no more characters for the Skylande...
    created by Bodan31
  • Giants Wii player 2 health bar

    The health bar for player 2 has disappeared, no matter what character is used.  How can I get it back?
    created by blasterboy82
  • light and none light charecter's

    Anyone in skylander universe know if there is anything special about the light characters and none light charecter's and if they unlock special abilities or do they just simply light up.All so don't you think online p...
    created by BIGBEAU
  • Skylanders should have online gamplay

    Hi everyone,   I was thinking about some possibilities about online mode for the Game Skylanders Giants.   Two ideas came to my mind, the first one is the obvious, online arena battle mode. Simple, start t...
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  • How to fix the Skylander's Universe lair glitch?

    I can´t get into the lair on the online game in order to upgrade my skylanders champions, does anyone know how to fix it or do I have to do something to unlock it?
    created by sally_sud
  • Lost web code cards?

    We have lost some of the web code cards for some characters and we enjoy playing on the ipod skylanders cloud patrol, but don't want to spend any money to buy gems when we have the characters. There are directions tha...
    last modified by foley10
  • Skylanders lost island ios

    My game is constantly switching from fire to earth... It's really getting to me! Can this be fixed or is it bad luck? It's just one day fire the other earth...
    created by Darkspyrokim
  • Skylanders Giants Wii-U Version using Wii Portal of Power

    Hi,   I have pre-ordered a new Wii-U system.  I am looking at getting the Wii-U version of Skylanders Giants, but I was wondering a couple of things.   I would like to know if I have to buy a starter ...
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  • HELP!!!!!!

    I need a replacement USB for the portal off the skylanders game on wii my little boy is heartbroken we finally get all the toys and now he can't play as the USB has gone missing, can anyone please help.
    last modified by Sashthebash
  • Hard to get game to launch sucessfully

    I have to run the game and have it crash 2 times over before it works. Happens every time, after that, the game is stable and never crashes. Is there a trace log?
    created by zaphodikus
  • How to get support for a broken toy?

    I get the "a toy on the portal of power has a problem" message, but the FAQ solution given is rubbish, since all 20 odd other toys I have work just fine. What next? This toy used to work just fine about a month a go,...
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  • Where is the best place to sell my old consoles

    Hey guys where would the best place to sell my old games consoles i have a super nintendo with the super scope in box and mega drive and 2 mastersystems also i have 3 playstation 1s and few other consoles all working ...
    created by D4ncem4n
  • Why does Online Game for PC/Mac go as far as "Choose Portal Master Name" and then freeze ?

    My 8 year old son is Skylanders crazy at the moment, purchasing his latest batch of toys for his portal (attached to his Wii Console) he discovered cards suggesting he go online to www.skylandersgame.com/Start, under ...
    created by artdecomulligan
  • Sky landers portal freezing

    Hi , can anyone help me - three of my figures when I place them on the portal freeze the game, I have to turn it off and restart it. Two of them are brand new straight out of the packet, the other one is about six mon...
    created by Gorykitten