• Activision support hasnt gotten back to me its been

    I Replied to the activision representative with the images he asked for, havent heard back for about 3 weeks, what should i Do?
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  • Help My Rank has been hacked

    Hello I have a big problem my stats have been hacked due to a online hacker. I don't want to get banned because I did not want this to happen. If someone could please reset me because my kd was a 1.07 and now it's a 0...
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  • CoD on PS4 over multiple TVs? Help pls

    Do someone Know if i could Play CoD on the new Playstation 4 over 2 Devices (TV-HD)? Its nice that the Support for Multiplayer to Play online is possible but the splitscrene is to small for me and make the Game ba...
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  • season pass problem

    What can I do when it says that my season pass already has been used?
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  • Bug in game.

    hi, I recently bought an old game on the xbox live marketplace of you guys. Tbe game is called "crash mind over mutans" I only have 1 problem the game does have an bug at the moment they going to learn you how to use ...
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  • Never sent a return label, but have a case number to return Skylanders Portal of Power

    I have the e-mail giving me the case number, but never received a return label.  Where do I send the portal to for repair/review?
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  • There is a game Call of duty: Modern warfare 4

    There is a game Call of duty: Modern warfare 4 bought before it became available in Steam. Question: Will vary with the game servers through the disk, and through Steam version?
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  • skylanders lost island not loading after last update

    HELP skylanders lost island not loading after last update. I have plenty of free memory and running jelly bean 4.1.1 on a tablet. when I click on the icon it goes first to the activation screen, then the screen goes b...
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  • battlegrounds wont start

    I have the android version that crashes when opened. No intro or anything, just crash.   mine its an asus transformer tf101.   I tried re downloading and rebooting. Anyone, any ideas?
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  • I have Shanghi 2nd Dynasty that has been working on Wins XP.  I am having to switch to Wins 7.  How can I get my program to run on Wins 7?  Thanks.  Opal

    How can I get Shanghi 2nd Dynasty to work on my new Wins 7 PC?
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  • No kudos? Age restricted?

    LLooking for some help. Have looked online and posted on fb but no good so far. im level 37 in lost islands and don't have kudos or aura. I think they problem maybe the age? I think I'd set it up for me son who is 7 a...
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  • Re: cant create a activate account

    I have the same problem. I can create the account, but it's not accepted in the game?!?! How am I suppose to use Cloud Save to ensure myself against hardware problems if I can't link my activate account with Lost Isla...
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    I went to play my game and itas all gone if there was an update I did not install anything. I was on level 33 and most of skylanders a crap load of money invested in game I am so not impressed. Please fix ASAP.
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  • Skylanders Lost Islands Broken App

    Hi,   I have Skylanders for Android. It seems broken as whenever I try to start the game it says "Retry download. Kaos is at it again." I uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted and cleared cache, but to no avail....
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  • Nothing happens after I place a toy on the Portal of Power 3ds?

    New to Skylanders, I place a toy on the Portal of Power and nothing at all happens,  Please help as I am trying to set this up for my son.
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  • Is there a way to get a replacement usb dongle for the rapala fishing rod for PS3?

    I cannot find my usb receiver and can't find one online to buy either. 
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  • skylanders spyro's adventure web code's not working on Lost island

    Hi there,   I have the first version of the skylanders. but when i type the codes in the mobile game Lost island it says its not a good webcode because there are only 9 digits but it needs to be 10 digits pleas...
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  • Support Mail?

    Hello everybody,   i`ve got a question @ activision and couldn`t find any chance to write them. On the homepage i was looking for a chance to ask something about career but i didn`t find anything. i only had the...
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  • Nintendo Wi-Fi server shutdown on May 20. Is it going to affect online play of GoldenEye 007 for Wii?

    As you know, Nintendo is going to shutdown the server for Wi-Fi connection service. I love GoldenEye 007 Wii, so asked Nintendo if I can play this game ONLINE after May 20. They told me they were not going to finish t...
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  • Account unauthorised and deactivated.

    Hello,   I have just signed into my main profile on the ghosts forums, and was unable to view any posts on the forums as an error message was telling me I am not authorised. I then when into my profile and it s...
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