• Infinite clan recruiting for xbox. (Just started)

    Infinite clan in a competitive clan. theres 3 out of 4 co-owners. If you join and it looks like your serious about it ill make you co-owner. Your KD Does NOT matter but you do need to tryout.     -=-*Requi...
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  • Looking for a competitive clan Xbox BO2

    Hello,   I am looking for a competitive clan (on BO2) who does clan practice, clan battles, etc. I am a very competitive player and I hate to lose, I play league play a lot, thus, my KD is a 1.22 Mostly an smg...
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  • New Trickshotting Clan (PS3)

    Hi We are a Trickshotting clan on the PS3. If you would like to tryout add me on ps3 or reply here. To Join you must know how to canswap, instaswap, and hit a 2 piece on bots. We are looking for 20 trickshotters. 4 m...
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  • clan for black ops 2

    How do you make a clan in black ops 2?
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  • xRazZe Clan (PS3)

    Welcome to xRazZe Clan. 1. We are a Clan that does Both any Hardcore or Core Matches. 2. If your not good with snipers it is okay. You will still have a chance in joining. 3. If you dont have a microphone you can s...
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  • DefCon Gaming now on PS Consoles! [Leadership Opps,500+ members,Military Structure]

    DefCon Gaming is now moving to PlayStation Consoles! Defcon Gaming is an established Xbox/PC gaming community that is extending its offering to PlayStation Consoles.   We what have to offer: Whatever your game, ...
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  • Looking For a Clan

    So I am currently looking for a clan that is serious and only has a maximum of 18 members. My Skype is the same as my username (Its_infernal) and I plan to talk to one of you about your clans. I am also looking for a ...
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  • Xiled Gaming Network is recruiting! (360)

    XGN Faith is looking to grow once again from splitting from reaching max amount of players. XGN is a community clan with 27000+ members and we want to keep growing as a friendly gaming community. Requirements for join...
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  • Looking To Join a Black Ops 2 Clan (Xbox 360)

    I am look to join a clan on Black Ops 2 only xbox 360. Name:alexanderfs13 Info:I am 15 years old.I live in Iowa.I can take Orders.I can't take insults i will get mad at times.I like to play Team Deathmatch.I have to...
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  • Looking for a clan ps3

    Hi I'm looking for a clan to join I've been in one buy it wasn't working out they were not daily or fun(nny), I'm not a sniper type person and I'm a decent player just working on my prestiges.  Add feyfay775 and ...
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  • Looking to join a clan

    Hi, I'm looking for a Black Ops 2 sniping clan on PlayStation3. My gamer tag is BigEasy7120, I'm a pretty experienced gamer, having been playing for 4 years. My level does not show it because I just recently made this...
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  • United Gamers Society is recruiting

    United Gamers Society [UGS] is a new community that has had a multi console launch [PC, PS3, XB1, X360 (PS4 soon)] on current and next gen console's. Me and 3 others [UGS FaTaL, UGS Shadows(Me), UGS Frost, UGS Vanquis...
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  • Clan (Wii U)

    I am looking for a clan on the Wii U.   I have a micrphone, and my k/d is 1.40. I mostly prefer to play Domination, and Ground War, but am willing to play any game mode. I am looking for a clan that is active, a...
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  • Looking for a clan [Wii U]

    Where to begin, errr. I'm from London, 18, I attend college. My K/D is around 1.6. I have a headset. I enjoy playing the objective. Why am I looking for a clan? I guess it's because I'm tired of having no communicatio...
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  • Wii U Clan

    I need a clan.   I have a microphone, and my k/d is 1.40 message me, or send a friend request, my NNID is BlueBerryShadow. Thank you.
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  • Xiled Gaming Network (FAITH) is recruiting!

    XGN Faith is looking to grow once again. XGN is a community clan with 27000+ members and we want to keep growing as a friendly gaming community. Requirements for joining DoH FAITH are as follows:   16+ years of ...
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  • New clan

    Hey everybody im starting an new clan on xbox360 it is Called Katt it is a non MLG group its just to have fun and play the game no tryouts no practice no changing your gamertag if you are interested leave your GT and ...
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  • Veritas Gaming is recruiting!

    Veritas Gaming is a worldwide gaming community started in 2010. You MUST be 16+ and have a mic to be apart of this community. VG has never had Xbox 360 players. I, will be the first by starting and hopefully building ...
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  • Looking for a Wii U clan

    looking for a clan thats active, that kdr is not that important and want to have fun btw im a spanish speaker so my in game chat would be strange because i cant really speak english that good
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  • Wii u clans about? Any help please.

    Level 40 but only just started playing on the wii u got ps3 different name. Really like the wii u game pad as others can watch tv.   Got a k/d ratio of 1.40 score per minute 218.   Wanting to join a wii u ...
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