• Call Of Duty : Black Ops 3 Announced

    Breaking News. The new black ops has been announced.   Key New Features :   Splitscreen players will now be able to play FFA Quickdraw attachment has now been made available for the snipers All snipers h...
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  • Black ops 2 camos

    Hey trayarch, I was wondering, are you gonna add massacre, matuka and multicam camo's into the game? get a bit more cash and we can be a bit more patient waiting for black ops 3 zombies?
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  • Camo's

    Hey trayarch, I was wondering, are you gonna add massacre, matuka and multicam camo's into the game? get a bit more cash and we can be a bit more patient waiting for black ops 3 zombies?
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  • fav. zomb map?

    moon and origins
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  • Why I think the next Treyarch CoD will be a world war 2

    Many people have been saying that they should make a Black ops 3, many others say it should be a World War 2. Here's what I think. 1. Black ops should not be a continuation. They allowed you to choose endings in Blac...
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  • A great idea to stop quickscoping

    So listen treyarch this is coming from a true cod fan. Which every true cod fan will tell you quickscoping is total Bs. Hitting someone with 1 bullet while gettig shot at by 6 bullets should not be. A great way to fix...
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  • if treyarch does not do the next cod will you get it??

    if treyarch does not do it then just like the last one I will NOT get it..treyarch needs to open there eyes and see that zombies is really not 2nd best to mp..imo ..I think treyarch needs to start thinking about doing...
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  • Want to make somebody's day?

    Hi Guys,   Think you're a beast? i dare you to check out my youtube channel. You have no idea what it would mean if you did, you'd be helping me more than you know. honestly, it would make my day.   So you, ...
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  • New gore mechanics for the next Treyarch CoD?

    One thing I would like to see in a action packed war game is gore. For example: if I where to shoot a guy in the head with a sniper, I would: A. Like to see the guys head just explode B. Like to see a big, bloody bu...
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  • Call of duty world at war 2

    I am a call of duty original by that I mean I played the very first one on the PC all them years ago Not the Xbox or playstation 2 versions. I would like to see a call of duty world at war 2 come out because that game...
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  • What do you think they should do for their next Call of Duty installment?

    Okay, so these are my ideas for Treyarch's next CoD game: DESCRIPTION: Black ops 2 was the first 'futuristic' CoD game. Ever since then, all CoD's have been futuristic, set in like 2025 or something like that. I thin...
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  • Next treyarch CoD (Supposed leak)

    I was scrolling through facebook today and came across a picture of what is apparently the cover for the next treyarch CoD, it said it was leaked on amazon as a placeholder.   http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014...
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  • Ninja Defuse

    Hey guys just posting my channel on here to try and get some more views, if you take interest in ninja defuses please check out my channel and see what you think www.youtube.com/hawkeyeviewhq
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  • PS3 trickshotting

    I am looking for other ps3 trickshoters to do 6 mans add me on ps3 and message me if interested.   psn: gamerwithasmile
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  • Ghost camo

    Why don't you guys make the ghost camo a buyable camo for the people who couldn't get it from the pre-order. I put my code into the wrong account and I can not longer access that account so therefore I cant use the ca...
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  • BOII Fan art

    Here is some fanart me and my friend Bashman24 made.   http://i.imgur.com/pFxfEWR.jpg   If you like it, check out my YouTube channel which will have some BOII Videos on it soon, at http://www.youtube.com/u...
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  • Personalization Pack Ideas

    This is a message that i would personally like the developers to see. I Have many ideas for personalization packs. WOODEN LAVA CLEAR CLEAN GLOSS
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  • Treyarch's 2014 Call of Duty

    What do you guys want to see in Treyarch's 2014 Call of Duty after CoD: Ghost's release in November 2013?   Honestly the game industry has been milked dry with modern and or future set FPS games. If there was ev...
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  • Treyarch's 2015 Call of Duty predictions.

    I'm thinking most likely a World War 2 era Call of Duty. Here's why I think it will happen.   1. The way Black Ops 2 was with player choice to do certain stuff to alter the endings kind of ends the series. I hig...
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  • World at war or Black op time period for next Treyarch game?

    I'm hoping for mix of the two time periods but I would really love to see another World at war game.  I guess it's mostly b/c of the fact that the game (W@W) got me into Call of duty in the first place. 
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