• So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

    So it seems this forum is dying and there's little else to say. So I thought I would ask, what was your experience of the game, multiplayer in particular. Anything and everything about it, weapon balance, kill/death s...
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  • Clan

    Who wants to start a clan? add me "woutvd1
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  • siempre nos dejan olvidados?? wiiU

    porque? A nintendo(wiiU) nunca de los nunca nos han dado nada un DLC, un CAMUFLAJE, no se un mapa?. los usuarios de wiiU QUE ocupamos para que nos den al menos aunque sea un camuflaje para las armas ya sea el 115, o ...
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  • Weird Glitch

    So I was playing Domination, not Ground War on Slums, and the teams were 8v4. Im guessing that it was just a glitch or something, but has anyone ever had it happen to them, or know what was going on? I have proof, but...
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  • Game Lobby Trouble

    Lately I'm having trouble joining MP matches. It drops me alone into a lobby and nobody joins. It searches for games but nothing and nobody joins. What is the trouble? Thanks.
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  • Trouble Viewing Game Films

    I can never get my game films to play. There is always either an error or nothing happens. This has happened now on 2 different Wii U consoles. What is causing this? Thank you.
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  • Clan starting

    Looking to start a clan. Name and everything is still open for discussion. Comment here or add me and message me at C_Donofrio My current Kd is 1.28 and going up. I can quickscope pretty easily. Smgs are diamond. I pl...
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  • Hey, error code 150-1031. PLEASE READ FURTHER!

    So, I have gotten the error code 150-1031 for a LONG time now. My warrenty has expired... I can't ask for another BO2 game now. I cleaned it many times with toothpaste, water, etc. It doesn't help. I didn't try with ...
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  • Activision, I am done with your games.

    Unless I get an answer on how to fix this disc, I am done with ALL COD's. I see people all over the internet/forums explaining the error code 150-1031. Everytime I stick my disc in, and get 1 kill, the game stops. I c...
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  • No emblem/emblem editor

    I no longer see my emblem, other player's emblem, or my emblem editor. I've never had an emblem that was inappropriate. It's just an "M". What gives?
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  • cant play online

    so i saw two boosters and after the match i reported them. the next day i tried to go online and it will not let me. i feel that they may have hacked my game making me unable to play online. i have checked my router a...
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  • how much players are online now?

    Hi I have question about players. How many players are online now?
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  • Wii U BO2 hack not possible? Watch the video!

    So I swear this has happened to me a few times but I figured I must have been distracted by game play and didn't see what I thought I saw.   First, on Friday night in Drone I thought a player with a green name t...
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  • Bug in "Connection Type" search option (Best, Normal, etc.)

    It seems that since the Lobby Leaderboard no longer displays correct Monthly and Weekly stats (offline or taken down or bugged) that the Connection Type search mechanism has a bug in it as well. The system is placing ...
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  • How many of you still don't have Ghosts?

    Cause you should definitely get it. It took me some time to figure it out.  It's a different beast.  Any crazy lag issues can be fixed with a router tweak or two.  There's less lag over all.  Bette...
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  • Why doesn't the "Users Played With" feature in the Friend List work in this game?

    It Iitnirhjll
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  • quand sortira les DLC sur Wii U ?

    bonjour j'aimerais savoir quand sort les DLC  sur Wii U s'il il sorte bien sûre mais si il sorte pas je trouve que activition Se foute  de notre gueule pour quoi sortire des jeux sur Wii U lorsque qui v...
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  • Number of players on wii u

    How do you get 3 players on the wii u in the online game mode
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  • standoff out of map

    this ruined the last match i played. its done with a tac-insert, putting you inside the long building on the far side with the upstairs balcony/sniper windows. once in you cant kill or be killed and when multiple peop...
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  • Treyarch needs to patch the emblem copying glitch

    People keep stealing my emblems! Can someone tell the devs to please patch this glitch? Thank you
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