• Should Black Ops 2 sell double xp

    as you all know many more people enjoy black ops 2 over ghost.  because of the lack of sales and ghost being so new all of the double xp weekends are focused on ghost rather than black ops 2 or any of the older c...
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  • Camping Profesionals needed for a camping clan

    {XBOX360 ONLY} Hey I'm looking for people that know how to camp on Black Ops 2, if if you are a good camper message me back at this gamertag the3p1cPwn3r.          &nb...
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  • Peacekeeper is OP! Vahn did not lie.

    I had a couple of hours to shoot around with this thing and it's freaking awesome. My playstyle is keeping you at arms lenght and in that respect this SMG is truely an Assualt Rifle. In close quarters it puts you down...
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  • does anyone still play town cause i can't find a godamn match!?

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  • ScaR Recruiting

    I am recruiting the best of the best. You have to be on daily and active on website.  We are looking for skilled player Dont care about kd we want skills but if you are horrible  dont waste your time or min...
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  • Does Anyone Have A Clan I Can Join? Just Wanna Make So New Friends And Have A Good Time!

    Just need a clan to have fun with
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  • Origins - Everything DID HAPPEN!

    I got to thinking about the Easter Egg in "Origins", and i was a little bit saddened when i saw the cutscene. I thought it had all been a child's game...but maybe it WASN'T.   You see, in "Buried", you have two ...
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  • Looking for Xbox 360 Sniping/Trickshotting Clan!

    I am a sniper on Xbox who's looking for a good clan to join. Some of the desired attributes are: having a YouTube channel, Skype, short clan name (ex. FaZe, Nexus, Ares, etc.) and a friendly environment. Now, those ar...
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  • Can't join/invite friends to play. Am I the only one?

    Is anyone else having this issue: anytime I try to join to my friends party it says "The game session is no longer available", and they cant join me and they get the same message. Can anyone help?
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  • I've noticed something about Domination recently

    I haven't played Black Ops II in a long while since I've been playing Ghosts on Xbox One and other PC games.   Anyway, I don't know if it's just bad luck running into this, but has anyone encountered a full team...
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  • Clan MEDC

    I need people to join my clan it's just me and I need people. You can use any gun you want. If you are interested comment your Xbox live account name so I can add you and we can play together. My account name is tyrin...
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  • New Clan

    Looking to start a new clan of people on Black Ops 2. You don't have to be an amazing player by any means. I'm just looking for a group of new friends to do fun stuff like get funny killcams, have epic ninja defuses, ...
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    WATCH ME armedgolem86 on twitch
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  • Looking for a competitive clan Xbox BO2

    Hello,   I am looking for a competitive clan (on BO2) who does clan practice, clan battles, etc. I am a very competitive player and I hate to lose, I play league play a lot, thus, my KD is a 1.22 Mostly an smg...
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  • question about migration on zombies

    hey im just wondering in zombies if someone has their split screener in and hes host if he migrates out of the game along with his split screener then would the rounds still count for me and the other guy or not? i kn...
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  • Snipers.......more important Quickscopers

    There needs to be a patch to either severely gimp the quickers becomes its now an infestation at this point. Not one game can I go into without there being at least 3 quickers on the opposing team. They don't miss oft...
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  • Quickscoping needs to be removed

    At the start of black ops 2 it was somewhat tolerable. But now nearly everything single game I play from free for all to search and destroy matches are filled with them. The reason I say is because its gotten out of h...
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  • Sniping lobby and Trick shots

    Hi everyone i am hosting a quick scope lobby and Trick shot last kill on xbox 360 message - HeX x ViSiOnZz(may be appearing offline)
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  • League fal

    Still awaiting league rank 30+ games and 24 hours has gone by is there anyway to fix this
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  • Competitive Black Ops 2 League Play Xbox

    Hello,   I am looking for a competitive league play team, my KD is 1.21, but that is because all I play is League and I believe that KD does not matter. Looking for very serious players, and players that will p...
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