• Good zombies players wanted (Black Ops 2 xbox)

    I would like to play with good zombies players, should be a skull or higher, I'm a skull almost blue eyes, and looking for players that can get to medium-hih rounds. Add me, my gamertag is Shockwavenation; preferable ...
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  • Looking for people to play with

    I am a female player looking for some friendly players to play some multiplayer with because my friends are never on and quite frankly, it gets boring playing alone. I play mostly tdm but will play most game modes. I'...
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  • PDW or MSMC?

    Both got nerfed a long time back, but which is better? PDW has a bigger clip, but MSMC has a longer range.
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  • New Moshpit series Placement

    Today I was excited to try out the new league playlist moshpit which(for those of you who dont know) is a new 6v6, solo rank only, playlist that includes all the original maps and create a class options. It also inclu...
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  • Dedicated servers gone

    It seem like while i was playing today i noticed the gameservers are gone. And before the doubt coming my way I stay in the Chicago area and havent seen a host migrations in months.  Today it seemed like i couldn...
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  • clan ECHO is recruiting

    well as the title says clan echo is recruiting. so to put it in more detail we are looking for fun to talk to and play with member's. your level does not matter to us. so far there are only two members I will put a li...
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  • League play members wanted

    HI guys,   A friend and I have recently started playing league play and are having so many issue with team members bailing, or just not bothering to play the objective (I don't understand why they are playing le...
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  • Looking for call of duty 2 players

    I play multiplayer and zombies. I'm level 55 and have a skull. Half my friends don't play much, just looking for new friends. send me a message, prettypistol37.
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  • New xbox 360 clan more members needed

    Recently created a new clan called HCQS Mr... and a nickname of your choice on the xbox360 but because its recently new i need more memebrs to join to help it grow and become more popular on youtube for black ops 2 vi...
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  • Check out this 2ce what do you think ??

        If you like please comment and subscribe could do with all the help i could get also checkout my outher videos as i have a coupel of rage videos that you may find funny thanks
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  • Looking for a decent sized clan

    I'm a decent quickscoper and play quite often. I'm looking for a clan of about 20 people or so. GT is ThirstyRope0.
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  • who likes trickshotting vids?

    Watch my friends videos? http://m.youtube.com/user/MGObfresh
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  • Zombie players needed for 5+ hour long matches

    I am a huge zombie player, very skilled with over 1500 hours on the game, but nowadays its nearly impossible to get past round 30 with 4 people without someone leaving the game for whatever reason. So I'm just looking...
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  • Anybody want to play?

    Hi people, I have been a long time Call of Duty player and Black Ops 2 is one of my favorites! I do not play zombies, as I am not interested in that. I am looking for someone or maybe a few people who would like to pl...
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  • Leauge Play Moshpit Series!

    If you arebinterested in leauge play, moshpit series. 6vs6 You must at least have; - At least have a K/D Ratio on1.10 -Have a microphone. So we can callout and talk together, i dont have mic but can still hear ever...
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  • Zombies Origins;Any body wanna play?

    My name on xbox 360 is Scorpion Zac... Cya on
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  • Anybody wanna play league?

    If anybody wanna play league hit me up my gamertag is Fr4g DoLL o
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  • Idea for League bailers

    After my third match in a row with me being on the wrong end of a 2v6 league game I'm getting kind of tired of people cutting out within the first minute and torpedoing the match. I've been on the other end and I feel...
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  • ARs, or SMGs?

    Now, I'm really late. SMGs are the dominant weapon in BO2, but then the top OP ones like MSMC and PDW got nerferd back in 2012/13 lol. I was wondering if they're still better than ARs, since I haven't found anything s...
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  • SnD players needed :D

    Recently started getting back into Black Ops 2, a lot of friends no longer play the game which leads me to this post.   I'm looking for good SnD players to play with. Of course since SnD is a team based playlist...
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