• Die Rise EE & Buried Endgame (Richtofen)

    Hi again. A buddy of mine and his friend helped me and another yesterday do the Buried and Origins EEs, but we are unable to do the Endgame, so we need someone to help us finish Die Rise for him, so we can get the En...
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  • What can i do to get shotguns?

    I have been playing bo2 zombies since day1. Unfortunately like most i did not know about the ranking system, so downs really didnt matter to me. i assumed it was based on your leaderboards for what rounds you made it ...
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  • To the THE WORLD

    Black ops 1 was way better than Black ops 2. Not saying that BO2 was horrible but I would pick BO1 over Bo2. Look at the ray gun it is way better looking than the same ray gun in Black ops 2.  I miss Black ops 1 ...
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  • Black Ops 2 Buried and Origins Easter Eggs (Richtofen)

    Hi. I was never able to do the Buried and Origins easter egg when they were at their peak times, so I would appreciate some help from those who have done it already, or need to still, like I do. My PSN is GAMER6X, spe...
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  • Update for BlackOps2 Zombie Clan(Please Read)

    Hey guys and gals. Just wanted to inform you i have created a YouTube channel which is in the work. Has a test video and an actual commentary.   Here is the list of UPDATED PS3 and XBOX interested players:  ...
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  • Nav-Card Issue

    I recently picked up the nav-card from Die Rise and now I have a problem. When I head over to TranZit, the black nav-card is not over there. I really want to have the black nav-card so I can do the easter egg but I am...
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  • Zombies Easter-Eggs. Help Needed.  (Tranzit, Mob of the Dead, Buried, Die Rise, Origins)

    Hello there! I need help with the Easter-Eggs on all of the maps.  I know the Origins easter-egg, and i will have to research the other maps, and i would like to get all of the Achievements for them. This is for ...
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  • looking for people to play zombies with.

    Just add TSumm420 i play ps3 and im good i like any map but please have a mic.
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  • My Thoughts on Origins Ending

    Note that I have been absent for several days, so I have not seen the other theories. Forgive me if I am saying the same thing as someone else.   Straight down to business. We all know how the Origins Easter Egg...
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  • What are your top 3 wonder weapons of all time?

    I'll break this into two categories:   Coolness   Basically just your favorite weapons because of how they look and what they do.   (1) Winter's Howl   (2) Wunderwaffe   (3) Ray Gun  ...
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  • Black Ops II Easter Egg Squad (360)

    If anyone is interested in helping me out for all the Easter Eggs in BO2 cam you please message me   GT : DrewwBroo Requirements: Mic Mature minded Serious about this Thanks for your time.
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  • I'm new to Call of Duty

    I started off with Black Op2, and been playing for about 2 months and you know what I say every time something in COD happens that makes no sense? "**** Logic!" (also my catchphrase for this game)   Seriously, ...
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  • 5 cool things about the jet gun??

    You tell me...
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    Need 3 players for ee. Rules: must have mic (no kinect), must know how to do it, must be friendly, no raging doing ASAP!! Message me on xbox: ImProfessorSwag
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  • Can 2 people have the paralyzer??

    If my buddy has it, I can see it cycling through the box. Does that mean its available? Has anyone ever done it? Is there a trick to it? like going down while you have it, and giving the other player a chance to get ...
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  • Need team for Origins Easter Egg? (Xbox)

    Hey, I need 3 more players. Be sure to live in the uk (Dosnt matter if u dont) for internet purposes. Looking for people who are good players and know the map and what to do.   Also, no rage quiters :/ I have ...
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  • Easter Egg for Die Rise anyone? xbox and mic required

    Doing the easter egg for Die Rise right now if anyone wants to play. Need 3 players.   GamerTag- FG BASEBALL 20   please have mic
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  • Easter eggs need player to help (xbox)

    I need help on doing all the zombies easter eggs in black ops 2. Must have a mic If you want to help out that would be great Msg  me on xbox if ur in, Gamertag: Tonyman360x
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  • Black ops 2 xbox buried, die rise, and transit easter eggs

    GT: FG BASEBALL 20   WIll be doing all easter eggs tonight so be prepared to stay up late. Around 9:00 central time, please have a mic.
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  • zombies disappointment

    Didn't like TranZit too much, i like the survival mode and the bigger map but i wish i didn't have to rely so much on the bus. The creature that latches onto your face for going into the fog is annoying and so is all ...
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