• i need a clan to join

    hi cod players can someone send me a clan invite n friend request please ty xKIMBER
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  • Sniper Clan Xbox

    Hey i want to join or make a sniper clan for xbox. i have just gotten into sniping and am getting better and want some other snipers to play with so if you are interested message me.. GT: xXReAcTiOn150Xx
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  • Join TDS Clan PS4 & PS3

    hello my clan are level 15 on ghosts and are recruiting new members for clan wars , this clan war just gone we won in gold division by 200 points if you want to join send me a friend request on ps3 or ps4 my psn is me...
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  • Tryouts

    OK so the dream clan for Xbox 360 are open for try outs add me dream holy
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  • hosting clan try outs

    hosting clan try outs message me for invite my gt is SileX69 Humper
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  • crimson_ghost02 in need of clan ps3

    hey looking for clan to play with on ps3 my tag is crimson_ghost02  contact me on there for any questions
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  • need a clan for cod ps3

    Not looking for anything too serious. Just want to have fun and be part of a team. I use a mic some times. I play mostly on weekends but occasionally get in an hour or more during weekdays. My kd is 1.31. Psn name is ...
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  • OHIO clan? PS3

    I play WAW on PS3 and on occasion i see the clan OHIO and wouldnt mind joining, dont know if its just a few of ya, or if your regirstered or if you even care, but if anyone see's this let me know. Im interested cause ...
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  • SoundZone Clan Recruiting Dedicated Clan Wars and Possible League Play (Xbox 360)

              What's up, guys? This is SuZo Knives and I have some pretty exciting news. Our newly found clan, SoundZone just placed first in Bronze Division and it's our first...
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  • nOVA Gaming Clan now reruiting PS3

    nOVA Gaming Clan is now recruiting for Playstation. We currently have three clan members but were looking to go big (well at least 20 players, we accept anyone) and we will be going worldwide. If you donâ€&...
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  • [PHNX] The Phoenix Clan

    Hey guys, We Currently have about 14 Players in our clan, and I've decided to make it official! So For a limited time only me and my Co-Owners (Although not as good as me haha) will be holding tryouts for spots up...
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  • looking to join clan for ps3 cod ghost kd 2.09

    im looking to join a clan for call of duty ghost for the ps3 my kill death ratio right now is 2.09 i play black ops, black ops 2 and ghost all my kd's are around 2.50 message me because i get a lot of friend reque...
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  • [PS3]{BO2}Recruiting for KroniikZ Mulisha(KzM) Clan

    I am looking for atleast 3 or 4 new recruits. You can use any weapon . don't even have to be good, but I am wanting to find people to help start this clan and do some clan wars. must have a mic active almost everyda...
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  • Wayward Assassins *NEW CLAN* [PS3/PS4][18+]

    Wayward Assassins Clan www.waywardassassins.com     Tired of playing alone? Sick of clan dictatorships? Just want to make a few friends? You've found the right clan for you!     We're just starting...
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  • looking for a good clan on cod ghosts need new mates im getting lonely playing by myself

    add me on ps3 Frozen_Baws i need a clan my on fked up im 16 i have a few anger issues but i play cod well i have a  1.053 kd please send me a message thnx : connor..
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  • 1.90+ K/D Ratio Clan

    I'm a girl with k/d ratio 2.35 on Ghosts (PS4), 2.47 BO2 and 2.55 on MW2. If anyone wants to form an unstoppable clan with me then post your gamertags below! You must have a k/d ratio over 1.80 You must not be a freak
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  • RoG is recruiting

    RoG is a gaming community by the Gamer for the Gamer. We are being sponsored by damnlag.com right now. We are full of great and fun people in our community. Here are some things we have to offer! -Brigades (Small c...
    RoG Conviction
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  • je jezelf bij GamingCommunityZeeland kunt aanmelden

    Gaming Community Zeeland is voortgekomen uit de PS3/Pc, GCZ bestaat sinds Ferbruari 2012 en is een open Community, dus gezelligheid en plezier zijn bij ons heel belangrijk en iedereen mag zich dan ook bij ons aanmelde...
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  • any body want to start a ps3/ps4 clan , and play clan wars

    hi guys , since getting my ps4 all my friends have got battelfied 4 and i have nobody to play with on call of duty at all! , i want to start a clan with at least another 3 members all of which can be leader , also thi...
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  • Looking for an active clan to join

    I have completed most of the challenges and 5 60 level avaters.   Please pm me or send me an in-game invite. Thanks.
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