• clan

    15/04/2014 i trying to make a clan and it wont let me y
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  • Christian clan looking for members :)

    christian clan for anyone who wants to join you cant join if you curss or are immature so if you would like to join just message/add - john316chik
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  • How do I start a clan?

    I just got this account and I need help starting a clan. I don't know where to go to start one.
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  • Looking for a serious Xbox cod ghosts Clan to try out for

    KD ratio 1.7 W/L ratio .8 (I only ever play by myself, no party) 18 yrs old just looking for some clan battles and competition to make cod a little more exciting if you wanna let me try out for your clan message m...
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  • [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages

    New Blackops clan that needs new members and destroys competition. We dominate in TDM, HS&D, HTDM, HHQ, and pretty much everything we participate in. Join our clan:   Clan Application:   GamerTag: Cur...
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    ONSLAUGHT GAMING COMMUNITY ESTABLISHED MARCH 8TH 2014 WWW.OGCFORUMS.COM Onslaught Gaming Community is recruiting now, OGC is a well bonded clan that has much to offer. We strive for success and accomplishment, OGC i...
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    HI,   I am Brandon/Rave Devotion i am looking for a clan, i am a respectful player and am tired of joining clans where people argue or are unorganized. I am a run and gunner, i can trickshot, quickscope, and GFX ...
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  • Onslaught Gaming Community {OGC} |35+ Members Strong JOIN TODAY!!!

    Onslaught Gaming Community Established March 8th 2014 www.ogcforums.com   Hello Onslaught Gaming Community is recruiting now!! We are a friendly clan of varies of games and skill, we strive for success, victory, ...
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  • I need a clan for cod black ops 1

    Hello everyone, I need a clan for black ops 1. I can use all types of guns (including quick scoping with snipers). Im not the best player but i usually play decently. If i can join your clan message me on psn: dut44. ...
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  • Team Deathmatch/Search and Destroy clan recruitment

    Ok Peeps. I am looking to recruit some clan members from here. Bottom line i dont care how bad you play that means more practice if you were worried that i would turn you down just cuz u cant play good haha your mist...
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  • clan recruitment(all welcome)

    were a new clan looking ng for new members for league play and other clan wars, and just to make friends. add me, ichi_stop, if interested. we take stoners, anime fanatics, anyone. come join an awesome clan.
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  • Clan Wars

    Looking for a clan that wants to have a clan battle. On Xbox 360. My Clan is the VRGA clan.
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  • looking to join clan- BO1 xbox 360

    So I am getting rid of ghosts and going back to playing Black Ops 1. Its still my favorite of the bunch. I hate playing by myself on random teams since we all know that sucks. Assuming online servers are still going? ...
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  • BUDz Clan Looking 4 Members *Black Ops 1*PS3*

    We are looking for killaz on Call of Duty Black Ops 1. We need killaz that play Team Death Match on the PlayStation 3 at all hrs We do not want hackers, boosters, or any other guys that cheat. Straight up killaz wan...
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  • looking for clan

    im christian, 23yrs old. TDM player. i dont hide i kill. hit me up if your interested
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  • kill twenty recruitment

    Looking to recruite ps3 black ops 1 players into the clan kill twenty aka [K20] Must be at least a level 25 Must be at least 14 yrs old Must live in the usa Must speak english or spanish Would prefer that you get...
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  • [PC] The Honor Squad is Recruiting!

    Name: The Honor Squad Location: North America Games: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Chivalry, Medal of Honor, Clash of Clans and more... Platform: PC Formed: September 2010 Requirements: Must be 13 years of age, located ...
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  • Looking for recruits

    Hi im looking for recruits for my clan SIR=Sniper Is Required my XBL GT:Xtraction or SIR Canada My Kik=Biocideum Skype=kenson3421 insta-gram:Kenson_Leffler .hope to join forces and see you at battle camp. Remember SIR!
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  • where the girls at

    Looking for an all girl clan on ps3
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  • Looking for a Clan! PS3

    I am looking for a clan, my ratio is 2.30 Black Ops 1. Add me : GONGSHOW_INC6
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