• advanced warfare code voor ps3 personalization pack

    ik heb de code voor personalization pack cod advanced warfare voor ps 3 ingegeven. Kreeg de melding op scherm van Activision: "Successful ; you will receive code within 24 hrs." Ondertussen al 48 uur verder. Wat nu?
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  • COD Black Ops Wii - now offline

    COD Black Ops Wii R.I.P.   Had a few last matches last night and it was still fun. Good times with this game, thanks Treyarch. 
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  • Hack that shows the hosts IP address

    http://youtu.be/whRRC3Wynvg Not sure if old but This is f***ing ridiculous. I'm done with this game now. I almost always get host these days and I'm not gonna deal with this s***. For those of you who don't know...
    Soviet Spy44
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  • Deadly clans

    What do you guys thing are the most deadly clans on the wii? What I mean is what are the strongest, most skilled, or you have a hard time winning when you face them? I know there are other posts about this topic in th...
    Meech Murda Mobb
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  • searching people for cod black ops wii zombies online

    Hi, i am searching people for cod black ops wii zombies online and now i am asking who want play with me? i thank you so much when you give me your ally code. and sry for my english, i cant speak so good english.
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  • R.I.P BO: Nintendo Wii (5-20-14)

    the Wii Online Shutdown: https://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/vyWpoM6CBIe6FjW8...   List Of Shutdown Games: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/gameslist/games-wifi.jsp   has your favorite game been affecte...
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  • Hackers Unwelcome

    JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Help me make hackers realize how unwanted they are on the wii. Not only hackers but those who associate themselves with them. If you see a HACKER or a player with a HACKED combat record. DO NOT play...
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  • Five

    Is there any confirmed way to actually get Five? I am sure it is unlock-able, because I was looking at the credits (In the options menu) and it listed Richard Nixon, in the list of ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS (Included with...
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  • Is it worth getting?

    How is the playerbase on Wii for Black ops?. for the PC it's not that good... all the servers are crouch and hardcore only (I like hardcore.. but crouch only I don't like) it's either that or Nuketown 24/7.   So...
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  • hey

    i am a newbie to this site but i have been playing cod for 3 or 4 years
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  • Players from Chicago

    Is there any  players from Chicago, Illinois?
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  • Wii Need U to buy Call of Duty: Ghosts

    The Wii U CoD Ghosts Community is need of growing, so I ask everyone on this forum who can buy a Wii U and Ghosts, please participate, let's get our community back to 20,000+
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  • black ops

    'm new to black ops wii online today i got in're taking it to enter online mode and standard
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  • Whats YOUR internet speed ? TEST HERE!!

    And does it make a difference?? Im in the UK so the majority wont know who my providers are but here goes. I was with Orange for like 3 years, and ive been gaming for maybe 18months, even though im 35!!  :o ...
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  • Particle Affects, Lighting, and Destructable Envirorments

    one thing i hated about Reflex and previous cod games besides MW2 was the particle affects it had non whats so ever like if i were to shoot a lamp a black dot would just appear and that dont make sense it needs to be ...
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  • Funny In-Game Names

    What are some funny in game names you have seen ? To start it off, I've seen: Stopragequitting, F*ckwiigettinaps3, Annoyer, a tomahawk and Gettinsomehead LOL 
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  • 4H's Black Ops Video Gallery

    EliteQueen's And EliteKing's First Game On Call Of Duty Black Ops.       Elite Queen's Video On Ballistic Knifeology 101       Hugo Stiglitz's Expletive Commentary    ...
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  • map pack? store?

    I was looking through the manual and saw the "store" and looked this thing up on youtube and saw that back in 2010 there was a dlc map pack thingy now in 2013 the store is not there because of the new update I guess b...
    created by RAINMAKER12
  • Anyone having problems unlocking gold camo?

    I am prestige 15 and gold camo is still classified. (Yes, I am prestige 15, not just level 15, and yes I have bought all other camos for my gun).  Do you have to buy all camos for all guns or am I missing something?
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  • Servers down? - cant connect to servers

    i have never had this problem before, only just now. I have tried everything so I guess it's nothing to do with me. Must be a problem on activisions side. Wouldn't it be nice if it was because they were adding  n...