• System requirements, buying BO1 or BO2

    Hi, I'd like to buy BO1 or BO2, but I'm not sure my computers can run them, even if I set lower graphics. What do you think? I guess my computers can run BO1 without problem, but I'm not sure about BO2, will I get lag...
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  • Went from 12 prestige to 0 overnight :(

    Hi Team,   Was trying to get to 15. Logged in last night and finished off some contracts, logged in today and i've somehow been reset back to 0 exp. Pretty annoyed as i'm sure you can imagine. Is it possible to ...
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  • I lost my Steam code for this game as well as MW2. Help me.

    So my uncle gave me this game, along with MW2, over 2 years ago because he didn't play it very much. He had activated the codes on Steam already, so I couldn't play it. Naturally, I threw the instruction manuals away ...
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  • question? servers on

    good day people. come today to make a ta ask for rolling a doubt among the staff rolling here among friends: is this the servers black ops 1 was unified with pc?. because lately we have noticed the use of custom emble...
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  • how to transfer XBOX 360 Call of Duty game saves to PC version

    I have been playing the XBOX 360 versions of several Call of Duty games, and built up a lot of progress. Recently bought a high performance gaming PC and purchased the PC version of Black Ops II and others on Steam. I...
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  • Been away for awhile and need some advice...

    So I picked up MW1 as my first FPS...absolutely loved it...HC HQ being my favorite. I picked up MW2 when it came out but quickly lost interest in it since hackers were rampant with the lack of dedicated servers and li...
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  • COD Black Ops 2 PC: Executive Order (Campaign)

    COD Black Ops 2: I am doing Campaign Executive Order and towards the end I need to blow up a wall with c4 however I do not know where the c4 as it does not show up on the wall. Any insight would do?
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  • Call of duty black ops problam

    hey! My name is David, and today i got my call of duty black ops, and i wanted to play zombies, then i clicked on a multyplayer zombie game. Then i got a massage that the server doesnt there, and it wrote me to cont...
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  • How to optimize the game (make it run better)

    So my system is better than the one you need for Best settings and the FPS often goes below 45fps which is terrible, so how can I make it run better?
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    we just started a new server in ranked   NUKE/FIRING/JUNGLE 24/7   please add to your favorites thanks  no rules no cheating have a great time  thanks
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  • The black ops servers are not available at this time, please check back later or visit www.callofduty.com/blackops/status

    Well I played the game yesterday (zombies), but today it isnt working. I went by a friend in another city about 15 blocks away and his was working fine. Then I called my friend in florida and his was working fine. &n...
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  • Catalyst 12.9 & Up Optimization Problems

    SO I use to get a decent fps, between 40-70 fps with catalyst 12.8 drivers and below on my ageing gaming laptop, but ever since 12.9, the fps has been unplayable, so I reinstalled 12.8     A few months ago,...
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies will not load.

    For sake of time at the moment I will keep things simple. I am on a laptop and Zombies wont load when I try to play online. I've made a lot of changes to get it to work but it still hasn't. Multiplayer works perfectly...
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  • Banned in CoD: Black Ops. What shall I do ?

    Hey guys. As in topic. I've got banned in CoD:Black Ops. I haven't been using (NEVER) any kind of cheatprograms. No exp boosting, no wallhack, aimbot or any other kind of help. What shall I do in my situation? Plea...
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  • How do you download black ops on the computer for pete sake!

    Seriously how do you download and install black ops on the pc?
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  • Call of Duty : Black Ops en Black Ops 2 sound issue

    Hi,   I have problems with sound in  "Call of Duty : Black Ops" and "Call of Duty : Black Ops 2".   I have tried updating the DirectX, but it doesn't help either.   I will restart my computer l...
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  • If you can't post, reply or reply with quotes

    I don't know what is causing it but I found a way to solve it. Symptom - You are not able to post, "reply" and "reply with quotes" because the link brings you back to the thread or the forum home. Solution - Log...
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  • stats black ops 1 remis a zero

    Bonjour, je suis français, ce matin je jouer tranquillement et  avant une partit sur mn écran ses afficher chargement des states et je me suis retrouver avec mes prestige a zéro, alors que j'avai...
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  • Droits d'utilisation à des fins commerciales

    Bonjour, je m'excuse déjà de ne pas poser la question en anglais, langue dans laquelle je suis plutôt mauvais. Il y a déjà quelques temps, j'ai fait une vidéo sur le mode Zombie de ...
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  • new gamer

    I would like to buy call of duty black ops used from a friend, but I want to know how the recording, and for how many years I can play online? thanks
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