• my multiplayer wont open

    i just bought black ops 2 and i open it download the update and everything then i go to the homescreen where you pick zombies , campaign and multiplayer when i press on multiplayer the screen goes black and freezes my...
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    whenever i click on anything for black ops 2 on the cod elite website it either says it's not working, or it loads forever and never works. even the app on my iphone will say that this service is unnavailable when i t...
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    The PS3 versions frame rate is god awful, and after spending 60 bucks on a game, the least you could do is make the game run at 60fps.  Besides all of the other problems this game has, this one I find to be the w...
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  • what are good classes to use?

    Iv been playing for a few weeks and have prestiged and such but what do you think are good weapon classes
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    Can someone PLEASE tell me why the snipers aren't one shot kill? Let me make an example.... 50. cal on MW2... In the real world the bullet would kill even if you missed... in mw2 you can shoot in the upperbody and sti...
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  • Blops 1 , online numbers, hacking, and maps packs.....

    Played the hell out of this years ago but never got the map packs etc, and I played on a diff console.   Moved to ps3 recently and im loving blops 2, but Ghosts is atrocious, so im thinking of ditching it and pi...
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  • How to get my video form ps3 to computer?

    So when i uplload it then i go to black ops theater then just a mw3 elite always came up how to get my video plzz help me im new in this website
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  • Treyarch Why?

    Okay so just today i was playing bo1 with no problems then when i log out to take a break and come back on. I sign into psn and try to connect with multiplayer and it says... The Call of Duty:Black Ops server is not a...
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  • Por que as DLCs do BO não estão mais disponíveis na Playstation Store?

    Comprei meu Black Ops a pouco tempo e vi os videos de DLCs do jogo mas quando fui comprar, nao estava mais na Playstation Store. As DLCs sao removidas depois de algum tempo , ou isso é algum erro? Como posso cons...
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    I bought this game a week ago ( I know it is a little late) and since yesterday i have been having some problems with my connection. Whenever i play the connection is interrupted and the entire match is ruined. It is ...
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  • Can't join partys/my friend can't join me

    when trying to party with a friend we both get these errors   Error server is full Error your  friend is not in joinable session. Error you do not have enough cod points to play. (10 required) - i have 91...
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  • Looking for a full party for public and maybe league play

    Hi guys... lookin for a full party for black ops 2   if anyones interested leave your psn ids below or add me - supermayyn   its a bit boring playing on your own!
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  • Theater problem.

    So I'm in theater mode, trying to render a clip to youtube.  But there's one problem.  The render option isn't even there.  Not even in the grey, un-selectable text.  Has anyone else experienced th...
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  • HACKERS!!!!!!!!!

    Most of the games that i play in Black Ops 1 has a damn hacker in it. Treyarch, just because you make new games doesn't mean that you can support your previous games. Im tired of getting killed and knifed by someone w...
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  • I need help

    Hey guys,   Just a few hours ago I got off Black Ops 2 to get on Black Ops 1 and I realized that it wouldn't show the rezurection ad (like it normally does because they left it like that) in the bottom left hand...
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  • Whats the deal with Quickscoping

    Why is it that everyone has to complain about quickscoping, it's fun and very easy to do in black ops but really the question is "WHY DO YOU HATE IT" Is it because you can't do it? Because your jealous? Frustrated at...
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  • Looking for players to do easter egg on shangri la

    Hi I am looking for players to do the easter egg on shangri la if any one wants to help me that would be great ! Any boddy with a mic even better ! Thanks
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  • Start up clan/clanwar

    hello,   i used to play ranked call of duty 2 on the computer, but recently i bought a ps3. I would love to play wars and set up a clan but the only thing i find at the in game menu is to make a clan name and t...
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  • Looking for 2 other people for my clan ps3

    I have a new 2014 clan hoping to crush with some cool gamers. I'm looking for 2 new peeps to add to a currently 4 person clan, leave PSN ID and/or your personal phone number would be best and other CODs you play if yo...
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  • I wonder if Treyarch does support BO 1 or they left us all hanging?

    My biggest problem is that the amount of people using God mode etc (Cheaters) are running free and doing so for months. I mean it should be pretty easy to spot them and just ban their IP for life. At least that is wha...
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