• Major Problem With Hackers

    Hi Activision,   I wish to inform you of a very serious problem with Hackers/Boosters in Call Of Duty: Black Ops on PS3. I have also found some information on how they may be doing the hacks on Call Of Duty Bla...
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  • My Recent Games

    Last night I played 9 games and I had a few good kills. So going into my recent games it only loaded up 3. In one game I had 4 stabs in a roll which I would like to edit and post the video of .  Is their anyone w...
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  • Join BHL for Fun/Competitive Gaming!

    CALLING ALL COD PLAYERS! For fun or competitive gaming, join http://bhlgaming.com/forums/index.php?app=referrals&reff=13885   Its a gaming community with lots of fun guys/girls! We play all sorts of games lik...
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  • Pink tiger camo in cod ghosts?

    I picked up someones assault rifle and it was a pink tiger camo,  with a little green and yellow at the bottom,  almost looked like rainbow tiger or something.  What was that?  The pink was really ...
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  • CoD vs Hackers?? If they dont wanna do something about hackers then they can keep there game its just a waste of money..

    In my personal opinion unless Activison and TreyArch start monitoring these games and not just Ghost but monitoring MW2 and the rest of the CoD franchise that still have active servers, making any new CoD games or DLC...
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  • Call of Duty Black Ops Online Play

    Will there be online play.
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  • "Red Names", Aim Assist, and Spawning...(Stealth Discussion)

    Just a quick note before starting, the "Spawning" isn't in reference to generally bad spawns. We're all aware at how atrocious previous games have been at spawning. This is about something else. I don't really expect ...
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  • how do you download emblem from black ops to your PC or phone?

    how do you download emblem from black ops to your PC or phone?
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  • Any ideas we can tell treyarch about.

    This is a place where you can post you're Ideas that you think treyarch should add in Black ops. Then I will post a comment of the ideas think treyarch should read. And don't have stupid stuff like area 51 or Ali...
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  • Need people for a Black Ops Clan

    I need people for a Black Ops 1 Clan for PS3 the name of the clan is USMG (Ultimate Sub Machine Gunners) if you would like to join, put in your information in this format:   Name: (Last, First) Age: (Must be ...
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  • this invisible cheat

    jumped on black ops 1 to have a decent game only to come across these guys using the invisible cheat, if they cant play without cheating why bother playing, i played on sunday and came across 2 so had to turn the gam...
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  • Black ops-Loss of rank,perks and money

    Hey all,     I think i've heard of this happening before, but I recently lost all my rank, my pro perks and my money. I didn't prestige.Any ideas as too why and is it possible to get it back...   Thanks
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  • Anti Hackers UNITE!

      Hello. I am a new member here to stop Xbox 360 hackers. I would like for you to help. I ask you to look carefully around while you are playing a game such as WAW. ( World at War. ) Please I ask to you to report...
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  • plzz anyone tell multiplayer mode is not connecting it sayz it is not availble yet try again later..:(

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  • Black Ops Chat room

    right here guys http://tinychat.com/callofdutyblackopschat
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  • Clan -> sucht Member

    Ich würde gerne einen neuen Clan gründen, vorwiegend mit Leuten die Deutschsprechen. Man sollte ne gewisse erfahrung haben. Es ist mein 3tes COD und ich bin nicht schlecht.   Bei interesse könnte ...
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  • Possible Perk/Killstreak/Balance Ideas For Next Call of Duty Game

    Hello everybody, here is a list of some possible perks and killstreaks for the next Call of Duty installment.  I'm bringing back some old ones, as well as adding in a few of my own.  The setting would ideall...
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  • Is anybody out there?

    I obtained the black ops for ps3 from UK and I live in Germany. Play store german does not have the right version of map pack zombies for my game..any idea how to get the right version of the map oak game?
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  • hi,i m from uae ,how can buy moon map for zombie black ops 1

    hi,i m from uae ,how can buy moon map for zombie black ops 1
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  • Neuer Clan sucht Member für CoD Ghosts >>>>> ****3rArmy49  <<<<<

    Hey wenn ihr CoD Ghosts zockt und lust habt mit einem Clan zu Spielen bewerbt euch bei dem Clan ****3rArmy49 . Wie gesagt der Clan ist neue also nicht wundern. Also wenn du denkst du bist gut und spielst jz oder bal...
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