• Germany UFR sucht Member für Clan! :)

    Germany UFR sucht Clan Members! Unser Clan sucht neue Mitglieder die einfach aktiv und Spaß beim zocken von Ghost haben. Die Jetzigen Member von Germany UFR haben sich dazu bereit erklärt allen eine Chanc...
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    Hello there i have recently logged into my call of duty black ops account and have found out that i have been banned for an offensive emblem, i have recently bin out of the country on business and have come back to th...
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  • new C.O.D BLACK OPS clan recruiting

    new clan recruiting clan is called U.D.A and is Scottish based. Accepting requests plz sent msg to Tannzzo or tanoid78 on xbox live thanks
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  • New Clan accepting most.

    Hey, I just started a new clan on Call of Duty Ghosts and it's off to a bit of a slow start. We are still level 1 but I have the k/d still up at a 1.23 so it's not that bad. The clan is called The Zoom Alliance. It's ...
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  • Angeli de Morti clan recruiting for Black Ops 2 [North America/UK][Xbox 360]

    This is a recruitment thread for the NEW CLAN, Angeli de Morti (Angels of Death). Since this is a NEW CLAN, at the moment, tryout will not be held and anyone can join. Once enough members have signed up, cuts will be ...
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  • How to play better?

    Hello guys, I just got registered and this is my first post. So, My question is. How to play better while having a ping of 400+? I really love this game specially the graphics and the modes, Oh btw. I'm playing COD 4 ...
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  • Banned for knifing in gun game?

    No i wasn't banned.  But someone else was telling me, that when you knife only in gun game, you can be banned for two weeks.  I laughed and told him it's still part of the game.  Despite the whole t...
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  • Activision / Treyarch Support

    Ok This is out of control guys..   Ive seen first hand that I can log into my son's account and play, but mine because of "migrating host" crap.. Needless to say I'm very upset that when trying to call I get a c...
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  • Is it possible that i can get unbanned from black ops 1 servers

    It has been of 2 years since being banned from black ops 1 I believe that i should not have done the xp glitch but wondering if i could get unbanned from the black ops 1 servers?.As i am a massive fan of black ops i h...
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  • Quero Uma Resposta Assim Como Todos Jogadores Honestos  de Call Of Duty Black Ops 1  que foram Banidos

    Meu Paicomprou um Call Of Duty Black OpsparaMim E euJogoHonestamente a um Tempo Atraseuestavajogandotinhaunsidiotasnasalafazendo Hack paraBugarPrestigioEucontinueijogando de boa uns tempos depoiscomeçou a darEr...
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    https://m.facebook.com/realdeathblackops2.  Gt - on 360 marinemike5811 clan leader of real death (RDUL) add me we are recruiting looking for average an above average KDs. Send me an invite an a application for ...
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  • Hitmens Crew recruiting! [COD Ghost]

    What is up guys and gals! Leader of Hitmens Crew here and i'm proudly typing this saying YOU should join this clan!Currently I myself in game have a 4.0 KDR with a .80 WLR. I am dedicating this clan so i can meet some...
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  • Computer Gameplay

    How do u play this on computer?..
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  • A new server on Black Ops

    NUKE/FIRING/JUNGLE 24/7 please add it to your favorites no rules no cheating just have fun thanks its in ranked in yellow highlight tring to get it up and running  
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  • why I am banned?

    i played normal black ops because of zombie i love zombie... but on next day i am banned thanks -.-   GT: oCoockie
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  • Juggalo Family Clan

    im working on a clan for all juggalos and juggaletes to join in on the family all are welcome Whoop Whoop Homies
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  • Call of Duty Future :)

    Ladies and Gentlemen of Treyarch may be so you can be implanted something new inowacyjnego to the next Call of Duty to the next gene consoles ( PS4 , Xbox One , PC, and the like) thing applies to the MULTI mode :) why...
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  • HELP! I don't get my verification E-mail when i click resend

    When i click resend, i never get the verification email. i know this is the right email address, constantly refreshed, and i am super worried i may lose this account "Please check your inbox and verify your email ad...
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  • Battle Hind Crash PS3

    My game crashes everytime i pull in two battle hinds on the smallest map. my girlfriend did the same thing and the ps3 locks and crashes. any thoughts?
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  • end of the match "rush" musuic cue?

    Umm in bo1 there is music which happens at about ~25 seconds left into the match which is kinda awesomesauce(they had it since mw2 if im not mistaken)   I think it happens on spetsnaz maps like asrray/summit can...
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