• I hate Boosters, Do you?

    Who Do you hate more boosters hackers or campers? for me it's a tie with the god damn hackers and boosters!
    The Good Kid
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  • Call of Duty Wedding

    Me and my boyfriend both really want to incorporate cod into our wedding but were having trouble coming up with ideas that aren't tacky. I still want the wedding to be classy I guess and more formal. So far we've come...
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  • AR ownership

    Who here personally owns an ar-15 or ar-10 platform rifle? if so: What brand/kind do you own?          How do you like it?
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  • Call of Duty: Revolutionary Warfare

    maybe the next call of duty game that treyarch will make will be a revolutionary war theme. then, AND ONLY then, will i hear the end of people ******** constantly about other players using automatic weapons. eve...
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  • How would a World War I Call of Duty go down?

    I played Nazi Zombies a lot for WaW (probably more than I even played the multiplayer). For some reason, a few days ago, I started thinking what a World War I Call of Duty would look like. Now, the largest issue seems...
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  • Borderlands vs Left 4 Dead 2

    Borderlands vs L4D 2. Which one do you think is better Co-op game?
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  • A noObs guide to OT

    New to Off Topic? Our unofficial forum etiquette guide Forum etiquette means maintaining a standard of posting behavior that is acceptable and appropriate. Forum etiquette can be flexible, according to the subject ...
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  • Resolution question please help

    Hey so remember this is on the Off topic forum so dont get mad for not talking about COD. I recently bought Batman: Arkham City for ps3. It is a great game. I only have one problem. The case says that it supports 1...
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  • GTA IV

    Im looking for people that play GTA IV and arent d bags ( PS3 ) noelbmessi
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  • Any Vegans that play Call of Duty?

    Or vegetarians. But preferably Vegans. Sooooo, anybody out there?
    spec ops gmony
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  • Why, WHY, WHY OT.

    OT members, just look at the status of OT. Once this place was a stronghold against all the BO noobs and the Spam threads they make and the horrible game threads. But look at it now, the first page is filled with the ...
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  • call of  duty

    call of  duty 3 is relly cool!!!!!!
    Wyatt the man
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  • Wasted A Moment V.6.0

    just by clicking on this thread, you have wasted a moment opening and reading it!  
    EviL      EsKiMo
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  • Girls only..

    Hello gamer girls ! Yea its me again trying to get girls to join a clan all girls thoe dont b shy lol all i want is to play with girls nothing against guys theyr pretty good lol buh im tired of playing with them:P...
    created by lady_7
  • I'm a gamer lady and I'd like more friends to play with.

    Gamertag: AssassinAudri Facebook: www.facebook.com/audri.cantu   I'm pretty good. I played a lot a year ago, haven't played much since so I'm only prestige 1 and a little rusty. I've started to play the game mo...
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  • can any one sub me on youtube at www.youtube.com/killer123123185

    can any one sub me on youtube at www.youtube.com/killer123123185
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  • Girl Gamer Seeking New Friends <3

    Hey fellow gamers, I started playing COD Black Ops II about two weeks ago, and as some of you can understand... I quickly became addicted! Up to this point Ive just been playing by myself or with the one or two frie...
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  • kill streaks and death streaks

    wat is u guyses longest kill and death streak? mine is 28 kills 36 deaths
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  • Ideas for the next COD

    It seems a new title is pumped out every year and IMO I like the Modern Warfare theme (MW - MW2 - B-Ops), but what would you like to see in the next title ? Here are a couple quick thoughts: 1. More interaction ...
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  • GRaS: It's Inspirational!

    If God had wanted us to play football in the sky, He'd have put GRaS up there. and You could cover the whole earth with asphalt, but sooner or later green GRaS would break through. and An Irishman is never...
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