• Hacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My psn is Assassin_Cyanide I did not give my info out I created a clan on ghosts called RYTE Assassins lvl 15 some other guy hacked my psn account and passed my leadership to himself and kicked me out and so far the s...
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  • COD zombies ios Can anyone help me?

    Hey guys just wondering this game has been out since 2011 i bought at that time and i deciced to download it again and its 2014 now and i'm not getting an error joining room or anythin witch is good. but i'm getting a...
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  • Server bull ****

    I Started playing blops on a new account yesterday day because the old one wouldnt let me in online and it's already doing it again so **** you you pieces of **** that's why ******* battlefield is better than you punk...
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  • BUG/Glitch Guest Account on opposite team

    Ps3, you login with your main account, and then guest account. Invite a friend to play. The three of you go into a lobby, then you back out, sign back in to the guest account, then rejoin the friend in the pregame lob...
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  • Call of duty black ops 2 elite server problem

    im on black ops 2 for ps3...set up elite for my clan but when i go to invite my friends to join the clan on call of duty elite..it says error to call of duty elite server service....i been online tryin to contact supp...
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  • havent been able to connect to black ops 1 severs for over 2 weeks

    so i keep having this problem and its still not fixed.   this is the message i keep getting   Error the call of duty: black ops server is not available at this time. please try again later or visit htt...
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  • unlawfully Banned

    I was playing black ops one and was exploring the communitie videos and after viewing one on top viewed there was green writting on my screen that wouldnt go away. i turned off the xbox and restarted it and it was gon...
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  • i am trying to use my steelseries 3gc controller and cant get it to work can any one help me

    i have downloaded the drivers to activate the rumble but im still having problems. the game will not let me select the game pad option can anyone help me.  im useing a steelseries 3gc controller
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  • camo

    i have typed in my camo code an when i log in to black ops 2 i dont have the ghost camo or title why is that
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  • Hello COD community

    Hello all   This morning i was so bored over the kind der toten map that i find myself buying the upgraded version of the game black ops 1. rezuolution or something like that. after i downloaded allt he files zo...
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  • Problem to buy dlc's (link is not working) what do i do?

    I was trying to buy some dlc's of black ops (rezurrection and first strike) and i clicked at the buttom Buy DLC and nothing happened ! please help me and when i try to buy by the game in add-ons it shows there are no ...
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  • Banned on Black Ops 1 XBOX LIVE

    A couple months back I was banned on Black ops 1 servers for no reason whatsoever, I need somebody to review my account on Xbox Live, My gamertag is " Unfact " , one day I tried to get on it and it just keeps saying e...
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  • Help

    when i start call of duty ops appears a message saying   the call of duty black ops server is not available at this time. Please try again later   Help me!!!!   my name in game is rikkeavj
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  • server disconnected really for the past 72 hours

    So it's cheaper to mess with people's server connection than to fix the problem. Your company is bullshit just like every other multi-billionaire corporation. Give two ***** about releasing a statement or notifying yo...
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  • Cannot connect to the online servers (360)

    Hi, I can't connect to the online servers and it's been doing this for roughly 9hours (checking periodically because I want to play zombies). This is starting to be frustrating. I've been playing Skyrim and then check...
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  • I have negative Xp (Xbox360)

    I went to play black ops online yesterday and it let me connect to my xbox live profile on black ops game and loads, i go to click core and the links are not there, also on my account i noticed it says im only level1 ...
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  • Soundtrack

    Why can't I redownload the soundtrack? Is there a new link or something? Like it says its down? Yet I wanna get it? -.-
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  • Overkill Challenge bug

    Hello Ive been recently trying to unlock all of the challenge cards in the Wildcard portion of the Prestige challenges and Overkill is not being completed.  It states I have to get a kill using both primarys weap...
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  • helpppppppppppp

    need help i lost my other account an i want to put it to my new one please help
  • Can these racists still be found? Only got their names in a screenshot :(

    Not sure if this is the right place to post..     A few days ago I encountered this racist COD:BO2 clan shouting some very ugly things ingame. I asked them to quit and I told them how pathetic they were. Wh...
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