• IMPORTANT: report option for cod:mw2 , please!!

    Practically ALWAYS when you play online in the cod mw 2 there is a hacker who has UAV and AUTOMATIC SHOOT, there is no way to get fun playing with that people using those cheats, please add the report option as the mw...
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  • Map ideas

    So I'm not sure if cod utilizes user suggestions or ideas on future maps that are created, but I have one to share. I think there should be a map that is located in a new car dealership.  The dealership will of c...
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  • Realistic view field 180º for all Call Of Duty games

    Hi, This is a petition to create a realistic camera for all Call Of Duty games, the field view of the human beings is 180º in the horizontal but the camera of the Call of duty is just around 130º, so please ...
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  • Scoreboards

    There are certain stats in each game that I'd specifically want to track. For example, if I'm doing a headshots only challenge, I'd track my headshots for the game, or in Ghosts, I might want to see my KD. Do you thin...
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  • Linking Profile

    Cant link my Profile to my Game tag ... but i do play all my COD games on PC ... pitty makes it harder to get stats for games.. Can only link 2 cacky consoles   X 10 Them games on that profile are all Gam...
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  • Bullet drop?

    Call of Duty should have bullet drop added so we arent being newbs/noobs with snipers where it is dead accurate withing the cross of your sight reticles. If you believe this should happen bring this upon Treyarch and ...
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  • New gun suggestion (one of many I'm sure )

    So the new rumor I've heard is that DLC packa may contain new weapons and I'm sure if that's true then these weapons have already been selected but ill give my suggestion anyway LWRC six8 UCIW 8.5" bbl piston dri...
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  • Who actually owns/runs this site?

    Who owns this site and runs it/has control over it? 3ARC? Activision? Maybe we are ******** at the wrong people about the way the forum is a little messed up. How do you check to see who owns the domain name or has it...
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  • New Personalization Pack Requested

    The Hello Kitty pack. I would pay $4.99 for this so Hello Kitty could get their licensing fee. Recticles could be Hello Kitty character faces . . . It would be the perfect humiliation to have a final kill on the enemy...
    created by dead-un-dead
  • suggested updates

    1.) Fix the UAV call in glitch. If called in at the start of the match/round you get no notice of hostile UAV. 2.) Weapon balance is way off. Pistols do more damage then SMGs and ARs. SMGs seem to do better damage th...
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  • out of hand

    ok i understand the update for probation but the point is to stop players from leaving early but if u play with retarded people being in your way and getting you kicked its stupid that you make that into a probation t...
    created by alexcuban
  • Does anyone else hate this game!!!!!

    Do you know that this game licks balls??  I have played the call of duty games for years now and this black ops 2 sucks ass for real!!  Does anyone else think the game play is weak?  I dunno if its just...
    created by pipelyerPRO
  • Competitive play + League play

    I played competitive cod 4 for about 4-5 years and just moved on to black ops 2 with some friends playing league play on PC. I was wondering if you could make a slightly more hardcore and 100% balanced league for leag...
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  • Suggested Upgrades - What's the point of Prestiging??? Where's the benefit??

    Maybe it's me and the fact I'm somewhat a novice to the game but here are my thoughts:   There should be an incentive to prestiging each time to add to the engagement:   Each level of prestige should be so...
    created by KBUX03
  • needs more hardcore

    The regular games sucks takes to long to kill some one.most people want a realistic shooter there should be just as many hardcore games as there is in the other ones really needs domination and kill confirmed in the h...
    created by capnkillem1986
  • Suggestions

    BO2 needs 2 more things to make this game perfect:   - Infected back as a game mode in private match. I used to play this a lot with my friends and I would love to play this mode on the new maps and with the new...
    created by Wesjuh902

    I am a big fan of first person shooters, I love video games!  I am also employed and make a good living.  If I pay for a product, I expect that a product perform AS ADVERTISED!   I am so tired of the...
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  • Annihilation & Escalation

    Hello,   I'm playing Black Ops on an iMac and have a question about the Annihilations & Escalation Pack.  Currently, there is small amount of players and servers playing in Multiplayer.  I really e...
    created by jonniedee
  • Hardcore options

    First off, the patch fixed any complaints I had.  Thank you.   But, can we please get some more HC options?  Why was Domination and Kill Confirmed left off the game in the first place?     T...
    created by davidshane
  • Black ops 2 bringing back original maps

    Hello there, I have been a fan of cod ever since Cod4, I love the new black ops but I feel that maybe you should bring back a map from cod4 on it in the future, I know infinity award is different to activision/treyarc...
    created by DunhamPFC