• Connecting to blackops server

    I'm on xbox 360 blackops 1 and it want let me connect to the servers plz help!!!
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  • Major Problem With Hackers

    Hi Activision,   I  wish to inform you of a very serious problem with Hackers/Boosters in  Call Of Duty: Black Ops on PS3. I have also found some information on  how they may be doing the hacks o...
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  • Black Ops Server Error Discussion

    Now i would like to discuss this error with the community, when you have had the message for a long time it generally means your banned like me. Fair enough Treyarch you banned me, but i never understood why, a couple...
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  • Black Ops Wont Connect, Servers are unavailable

    Hi,   Ive been trying to enter the game for the last 3 days and I cant because the message that servers are unavaible continue appearing, ive already made the troubleshooting from steam page, reset router etc an...
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  • Grade noch im Spiel und nun ist die Konsole fürs Online spielen gesperrt??? // perm ban whyy????

    öhm ja wie die überschrift schon sagt wurde meine konsole von jetzt auf gleich einfach fürs online spielen von cod ghosts gesperrt..... keine erklärung, keine email, geschweige denn ein grund?!?! ...
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  • Call of duty black ops 2 banned permanently issue

    Someone hacked my PSN And hack mods game ruin. I really innocent. I pissed off and just changed my password. Mena25-78 PSN. !   AdministratorProduction Administrator
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  • Failed to validate german_iw00.iwd

    Hi! A couple of days age I bought two DLC for the Black Ops. After downloading the game-language has been changed from English to germany and I not able change back to English. But not this is the main problem. Afte...
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  • Mixed profiles

    I was at a friends house and loged in on my user account on his ps, only my profile and loadouts seem to have disappeared, I only got the profile and loadouts from my other friend that was loged in there as guest just...
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  • Cannot connect to zombies matches? (PC)

    My friend bought black ops on steam so that we could play zombies together. However, each time we load a game, she disconnects, regardless of who is hosting and it takes her an obnoxiously long time to load the game, ...
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  • Last login: 478 days ago, still i'm banned. (9 hours playtime on my account)

    Hi. A few years back I bought Black Ops, and today I wanted to play it, but it said that the servers were offline. I tried waiting a while, but when i checked on the internet, it appears that the issue is that i'm ban...
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    xMeRcYFuL-- Going into regular team tactical, inviting 7 people, And allowing everyone to get kill streaks of 225+ This IS not fair to us who doesn't cheat and should be dealt with accordingly please. I wil...
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    I just bought my 12 year old son this game. He just made an account. well i was playing splitscreen with him in a private match.Well all of the sudden i get a black screen saying this console has been banned from play...
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  • Really Treyarch? You have got to be kidding.

    I was bored on Black Ops and watched a theater video that said "wtf" I figured it was an across map tomahawk so I watched it. These green numbers popped up on the bottom of my screen. I shut off my Xbox immediately. I...
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  • Why does my Call of Duty Black Ops won't work anymore? I cant conect to call of duty; black ops server!! pls answer me!

    When i start Call of Duty Black ops Multiplayer appears a message saying: The Call of Duty: Black ops server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/blackops/status for...
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  • Call of Duty wont connect!!!

    Hi guys, i need some help here. all of my call of duty's wont connect to online services and i have tried verifying game cache on all of the and I just don't know what to do. please any help will be appreciated!!
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  • I have called PSN 3x and spoke to Activision Customer Support and each party tells me that the other is at fault. All I want is for my trophies to unlock because I have completed the requirements for them which are No Man Left and Made it Out Alive. What

    I have called PSN 3x and spoke to Activision Customer Support and each party tells me that the other is at fault. All I want is for my trophies to unlock because I have completed the requirements for them which are No...
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    Hi,   I have purchased BLACK OPS 6 months ago. I wasn't playing it very often and only a few months ago i reached my first prestige lvl. Now however a problem came up. Every time i launch the game (with STEAM) i...
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  • My weapons stats has been modified

    I am a call of duty fan for many years, I have been playing COD black ops II from day one, after two weeks I was playing and it was an updating and all my weapons and scorestreak were modified with very unrealistic sc...
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  • Can't start the game on steam

    Got a issue, i can start every game on steam, but not Call of duty Black ops Multiplayer or the normal Black ops, it just come up a error when im starting the Multiplayer and when im starting the Normal one it come up...
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  • Black Ops 1 (PC): Server not available

    So I wanted to play Black Ops 1 again after a break of a few month. I opened it and tried connecting, but then it said that the "Server is currently not available!" I have no idea why this is happening and it is reall...
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