• Looking for Teammates on Kino Der Toten (PS3)

    Haven't had a Good Game Of Kino in a loooong while. Looking for people that are capable at the higher rounds. If you have a mic that's great. Although it's not essential. Skype can also be an alternative… In te...
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  • (PS3) Looking for zombies players!

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for good black ops1 zombies players with mics. I'm a good zombie player and I want to play big games higher then 40 with people who im sure wont quit!! You can add me, Shady_Blacksmith. ...
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  • What's the  Scariest Zombie Map?

    you pick
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  • Ever had that lobby with good ppl

    One of my best zombie team was on orgins we litteratly got to round thirty with each of us having atleast 4-5 downs. Know what was your favorite or best group. Their all my friends btw.
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  • 360 players bo1 zombies

    Need people to do Shan gri la ee message me GT fire dwarf emo
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  • Just bought Rezurrection&Vengeance map pack Anyone wanna play? (bo1&2)

    Although I've been here for a month or two GodOfWarrio is still my new account. Since some stuff happened with my old one and lost all my stuff. Finally got the funds to start purchasing the maps again. So I just boug...
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  • Mob of the dead

    Someone wanna teach me this map i'm half way there acc: highsoldierrr
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  • Camo at zombie mode

    Does someone knows what i have to buy so i get a camo at zombie mode and not te zombie mappack i mean in the zombie game   Highsoldierr
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  • wunderwaffe dg-3 wunderwaffe DG-1

    guys the wunderwaffe DG-2 is the only wunderwaffe there are no dg 1 or dg-4 its only nr 2 bcz it cant be reasons: 1.other wonder weapons would be called like that exept with a different number 2.it would show in wi...
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  • Why is there no 4 player split screen.

    I play zombies alot and i play it with my friends alot. But most of the time we are with 3 people and we want to play zombies but we can't because there is only 2 player split screen. Does treyarch have a good reason...
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  • 360 players needed to do BO1 & 2 Easter Eggs

    I'm looking for 2-3 other people to complete the Shangri-La, Moon, Tranzit, Die Rise and Buried Easter Eggs with. I'm located in Australia, and a mic is not required, but you do have to know what you are doing and are...
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  • Profound Theory to Origin's Final CutScene

    So.... Here's a thought, and first of all, my interpretation on the cutscene is that all of the events actually happened, and that once Sam was released, she became so powerful that she was able to warp time and space...
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  • Black Ops Zombies - Easter Egg Crew Needed

    Hey community! I'm looking to get a crew of three members to join up in order to help obtain the easter eggs on the maps -   Call of the Dead Shangri-La If you plan on wanting to join me, please send a mess...
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  • Why does my rank keep dropping without playing?

    Until earlier today I hadn't played a game online in about 3 days and I went from a skull with 4 tallies to 1, but that's not even the worst part before that I hadn't even played an additional 2 days and I was blue ey...
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    So I was playing split screen with my brother. Xbox 360 arcade. Latest black ops 1 title update. We were playing split screen on kino. Fire sale came on and I hit the box in the first room and the one to the right of ...
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  • able to upgrade the perks you get in zombie's

    hello zombie fans & support,   i just had an idea i wanted to throw by you guys i know some of you wont agree with it but if you do throw me a like or a support.   the idea is to be able to buy an upg...
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  • Shangri La Easter egg on 360 (Help)

    So my friend and I have tried doing the easter egg (both of us using guest players that we controlled). A couple times we got to the part right after going down the water slide and pressing the button. However the las...
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  • Nacht In Tranzit Brain Storm

    have you ever just started thinking and went "What the actual F***? How did nacht der untoten (also in the map airfield) go from a warzone, to a wooded area, to tranzit, also looking at where nacht is originally from,...
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  • BIG NEWS!!! - Verruckt Easter Egg? Possibly New

    This is on the updated version of the original map Verruckt, on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now, I played this map so many times before I just started doing everything and anything I could. Like - hours of countless stup...
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  • Interesting theory for a presequel in zombies after blops 2

    It all starts at the "end" of buried Richtofen's side___________________________________________________________________________ ______________________     Maxis is thwarted, never to be heard of again, or...
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