Superior communication won the day—and $400,000 and what is likely the heaviest trophy in competitive gaming—for USA's team Optic, who remained cool in front of countless cameras, thousands of screaming fans and and the internet masses, and will go home as grand champions of the $1 Million Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Tournament.


Infinity gave up the first round, Capture the Flag on map Dome, to Optic 4-1. Optic's point-man Merc was on a roll in the second round, Domination on map Resistance, contributing to a decisive 208-128 slaughter after each team played both sides. Team USA's war merchants were now up 2-0, and the U.K.'s Infinity risked elimination.

Arguably the most skilled squad in the tournament at Kill Confirmed, Infinity came roaring back on the Village map, leading from the start and never relenting, ultimately confirming 10 more kills than their opponents and notching a round victory. The overall now stood at 2-1.


Optic controlled Arkaden's Search and Destroy from the start, picking off Infinity team members one by one to tally a 3-1 round total. They needed one more round to win it all, but Infinity successfully defused an Optic bomb to score a second S&D victory. Even Infinity must come to an end at the world's greatest Call of Duty fan spectacle, however, and Optic dispatched the British squad after six rounds of Search and Destroy—winning 4-2, taking the overall 3-1 and leaping from their seats once they realized they would be Call of Duty XP's first tournament grand champions.


The crowds cheered Infinity as well, who earned second place and $200,000 to divvy up on the flight home. Congratulations to teams Optic, Infinity and all the competitors here at Call of Duty XP, who over 48 hours showed the millions-strong Call of Duty fanbase what it takes to be the best mutliplayer warriors on the planet.



Team Infinity looks on from the big screen as Optic reacts to their $400,000 win