Concentration and great communication elevated the U.K.'s Infinity to the win over Obey


Only four squads—a mere 16 players out of 128 entrants—remain in the $1 Million Tournament. Advancing to the semis are:







The U.K.'s Infinity squelched the famously rowdy Obey team 3-0, while Infused shut down Apex 3-1 in an all-U.K. match composed of players who have tangled in the past on the European gaming circuit. Optic handily defeated MoB 3-0, while U.S. diehards IcoNs sent MythiX into the consolation round after a tense game of Search and Destroy that saw player RJ RJ RJ RJ score a huge double-kill to go up 4-2 and win 3-1 in the overall.


Consolation matches are underway to determine prizing among the bottom four quarter-finalists. The semis are primed to explode—it's the U.K. versus the U.S. in both matches, with Infinity (U.K.) battling IcoNs (USA), and crack shots Optic (USA) going to the mat against the U.K.'s Infused.