When a video entitled “Find Makarov” hit the Internet back in March, some thought it was an official Activision production. But the short film was actually created by a group of dedicated Call of Duty fans based in Toronto. Described as a “crazy idea” by director Jeffrey Chan, the crew turned down jobs and worked after-hours to finish the amazing short.




The group was on hand at Call of Duty XP to debut their latest short, Operation Kingfish, and later sat in a panel to field questions from XP attendees.


The crew discussed the ins and outs of how they produced the shorts, from the shooting process to the methods in which they promoted it. They described how there was concern that Activision might shut them down when the Find Makarov video went viral. But as Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg described during the Call of Duty XP keynote, the company was so impressed by the group that they helped fund the sequel.


Operation Kingfish is the result of that partnership. Set in the time between Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, the short details Capt. Price’s capture as told by John “Soap” MacTavish. One of the moments that got a pop from the crowd was the appearance of an AC-150, a true-to-game scene created by Jacky Chuen Kit Wan’s VFX team.


So what’s next for the crew?


As he introduced the short, Chan slyly remarked that this was just a “trailer” for a full-length film, if Activision was willing. We shall see…


For now though, check out Operation Kingfish on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel!