Finalist team Optic (USA)


Finalist team Infinity (U.K.)


After two days of combat, across five of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's most treacherous multiplayer maps, in front of thousands of attendees here at the first-ever Call of Duty XP, history repeats itself as the Stars and Stripes will challenge the Union Jack for global supremacy in the $1 Million Tournament final.


Optic, lobbing Semtex with brutal accuracy, opened their semi-final bout with a win over Infused in Search and Destroy, and took a commanding lead in Domination to go 2-0 in the overall. Kill Confirmed revitalized Infused—their unwillingness to be drawn into the open and picked off while hunting tags led to a win in the 10-minute round, with 38 confirmed kills to Optic's 33. Infused continued to rally in Capture the Flag, up 1 at halftime. But the the big guns on team Optic ultimately proved too strong for the British—Optic swiftly tied in the 2nd half, then logged a stunning capture in the final five seconds of round, taking the map and the overall win 3-1.


IcoNs and Infinity kept each other honest, trading bullets and the overall lead for the entire match. Search and Destroy went 3-3 before IcoNs edged out Infinity to take the 4th round and go1-0 in the overall. Infinity took their revenge in Domination, tying the overall at 1-1. More strategic play in Village's Kill Confirmed pushed the balance back in IcoNs' favor—the American squad was now leading 2-1. Infinity took the next map, Dome's Capture the Flag, which led to a frantic 10-minute round of Team Deathmatch to snap the tie. Infinity's Gunshy dominated, recording more kills four minutes into the game than the entire IcoNs squad, and with three minutes remaining, the U.K. outfit held a 22-kill advantage and promptly went into seclusion, watching and waiting as desperation collapsed the U.S. side's tactics. Infinity claimed the overall 3-2.


They face Optic in the grand final on the XP main stage. The live stream of this must-see battle is anticipated to begin around 6:15pm.



Infinity (left) locks and loads for the TDM tie-breaker that would lead them to the final