• Looking for a Clan

    Hello, my Gamertag is DeFy Swiftyy, I play domination, I know most call outs, my K/D is 2.23, and my W/L is 2.7. I play Domination, and I'm looking for an active clan. I will only play Dom. Message me on Xbox One,&nbs...
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  • Brand New Clan! [KNDL] Join me as I RISE! [PS4]

    Clan Just created! Gained 5 members in 24 hours! Reaching for 10! Planning to eventually win Diamond Clan War! K/D at least above 1.05! Have to download COD App to apply! Search " Kll Nw Die Latr " Or Add me: PSN: j...
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  • New PS4 Clan -- > [ ToXic V1PeRz ] -- Recruiting Members --> Join Now !

    Clan Details Clan Details Call of Duty Clan: ToXic V1PeRz Platform: PS4 Mic:       Yes/no Location: Australia + Worldwide Clan Tag: [ToXc] App:      &n...
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  • PS3/4 CLAN! [TPx] Gold Clan tag! 1 k/d +

    Hi there,   thank you for reading this and hopefully showing interest!   I started this clan around a month ago, and in that time we have got 43 members, and a gold clan tag. The clan is level 11, and we...
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  • PS4 Clan Recruiting for Diamond Division... (No Exp. Needed)

    Clan Name: Sofa King Crazy Clan Tag: (SkCz) Members: 29 Clan Wars Wins: 5/5 Level: 21 Clan Motto: Born to Kill... We are looking for active members for our clan, no experience needed. We play for fun, mostly...
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  • Clan Recruitment [XBOX 360]

    Clan has been up a week , have 8 members, our kd averages about 1.08, We are cross-platform, Xbox One-Xbox 360... We are a level 6 clan, very new... Add: Pwnbythesniper     Requirements: 1.0 + KDR Must ...
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    Finally a Place for Lone Wolves to Call HOME! www.1vs7GAMING.com Hey guys, we just redesigned our Website & Logo. We also restructured to support both Casual and Competitive Divisions. Our Casual Division lit...
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  • Looking for clan on PS3!

    I am looking for a good clan that competes in clan wars.  Preferably a clan that competes in gold division or higher clan wars as I am really hoping to be able to get the body count suit.  I am a casual play...
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  • (PS3) Reaper Alliance recruiting 10 new members

    Level 24 Platinum Division clan Reaper Alliance would like to recruit 10 new clan war members.   Clan Info Clan KD 1.40 W/L 54% Members 44   Requirements Call of duty APP Headset KD 1.3 or higher Positive W/...
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    looking for active cod ghosts ps4 players * 1.5 k/d or above * do not need a mic * play 4 or 5 hour a day * cod ghosts app * willing to play all game types for clan wars   apply through the app thanks.
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  • [PS3][DLeG]Platinum Division LvL21

    We are looking for individuals that will participate in Clan Wars. Which are normally very active. [DLeG] have members all over the UK and US who are active every day.   Requirements to join [DLeG]: Must be ac...
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  • WANT TO JOIN THE LEGENDARY LIONS - Mature Gamer's-Blops 2/Ghosts-PS4-XBOX-1 UK-USA Over 21's

    Help us start a new side to this all ready established clan , we are now going NEW GEN XBOX-1 Legendary Lions recruiting for ghosts. We are an established clan of mature gamer's , we play to win , we all have positiv...
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  • [Xbox 360] [US] New Clan! Looking for volunteers!

    I'm looking for people to recruit for my new clan on Ghosts. The clan is named xAmythestNeko. If you want to join, add me on Xbox and send me a message. My Gamertag is xFinnLink. I also would like respectful players. ...
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  • Orion Gaming! [XBOX360][PS4][XBOXONE][SPONSORED]

    Orion Gaming Sponsored by: Cinch Gaming (Professional eSports Tournament Controllers)   We are currently running four official divisions:   Nebula - Call of Duty: Black Ops II for XBOX360.   Chaos - Cal...
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  • clan requited

    hallo to all soldiers of ghost. as a lt leader of my clan my job is to search for some SWATS that play smart and with strategy. we are always hungry to win and keep winning. the only thing we are strict is with clan w...
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  • Looking for a clan (level 25), I am max prestige on all cods. PS4

    Looking for a clan which must be level 25.   I am max prestige on all call of duty's apart from ghosts as I play extinction. Max prestige on extinction though, prestige 15.   1.74 kd on multiplayer althoug...
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      Clan Name: We're Our Only Enemy Clan Nickname: W2OE Gaming Clan Tag: W2OE Clan Website: http://www.w2oe.com Clan Level: 25       History   W2OE Gaming was formed in 2011 by W2OE_Prodigy. We ...
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  • In need of an X1 clan

    Hello all, I'm looking for an Xbox one clan. I've spent days searching this website, and I still haven't found one that really suits me, so I finally decided to make my own topic. Looking for a clan that actually get...
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  • !Please read description!

    My psn name is Naation and I'm currently in a good clan that wins a lot but I'm looking for a change . That's why I'm writing on here, I'm about to make a new clan soon and I need good players to join . I will be a re...
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  • PS4 CLAN LEVEL 11 Team Purity 25 members!

    Hello all, I started a clan about a week ago and have since achieved to get 25 members in, these are all ps3, and I myself (The leader) have just got a PS4, if you are interested add KirkyBrah on PS4, or apply to Team...
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