• Hey guys Elite Squad XD is still recruiting were a ps3 clan looking for a few members with a kd of at least 1.00

    If you are interested in joining the clan Elite Squad XD add me on psn zombiechrys or reply on here our only requirements are you must have at least a 1.00 kd you also need to be active and be a team player and help t...
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  • Looking for a competitive ps3 clan!

    I Am looking for a clan that is competitive and knows how to win and play the game. I have a kd of 1.96 would be higher if I didn't have to constantly lead my team. Have a 2.02 win loss ratio as well.  I can hold...
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  • Xbox One Player Seeking Group

    Recently started playing Ghosts on Xbox One and think finding a group of like minded players could amplify the enjoyment. I am of moderate skill level, always above 1 K/D and rarely ever above 2. Would like a group ...
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  • looking for aussie clan members

    Hi Guys   Looking for clan members for cod ghosts clan name Roots rats any aussie players want to join no need for try out must be over the age of 18 please send message to me chickenchoker11 on xbox live  ...
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  • Xbox360 Gold Clan Recruiting

    Currently searching for 5 active members. Level 18 and 5-0 in clan wars. 10 members, platinum division. Must have a headset and be able to put in some work on clan wars. Message me on the 360 if interested. IV Smash VI
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  • Grim Intentions (Xbox One) (Diamond Division)

    Grim Intentions     Grim Intentions is a successful new clan that is growing very quickly. We are looking for highly skilled, active and mature players who will be an asset to our clan. We have won every...
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  • recruiting for ps3

    We are looking for some decent players that play both core and hardcore who will b on during clan wars we have some good players but a few of them play hardcore and would enjoy to play with more ppl that play hardcore...
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  • zUG Unassailable Gaming (Sniping Team) Recruiting

    Unassailable Gaming is recruiting members for their sniping team which is now starting up! I personally am on the xbox one! Having a PVR is a huge Plus, contact me on XBL my gamertag is zUG Jayster and check out our w...
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  • Looking for Serious, Active, and Dedicated GB Players (XBOX 360)(US)

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for some active and dedicated GB players who are active during the week and weekends. I am 2nd in command (out of 65 members) of a level 25 clan, HybridNerdzGaming, which has many members...
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    [RIP] Rot in Pain Level 24 K/D Ratio 1.44 Win %58 53 Members We are almost level 25 and can get our RED CLAN TAGS! All we ask is that you conduct yourself in a mature game manor. You can apply by searching our ...
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    Whats up this is kingjoffii187 looking to recruit members to the clan (wAr reAdy ELITE) with only 3 requirements ...     1.MUST HAVE APP 2.MUST HAVE AT LEAST 0.60 KD 3.MUST PARTICIPATE IN CLAN WARS  ...
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  • Tired of the same old clans? Join Ghost Enemy #1.

    We're a level 19 PS3 clan that's been together for about 2 months. We've been in 3 clan wars thus far (bronze, silver & gold) & we've won all 3 of them. Our members are very active & most of us play Ghosts...
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  • OkBs wants active loyal players for CW

    Oklahoma bobsled lvl 20, platinum, 77 members, over 20 on ps4, 10+ on Xbox 360/1, rest on ps3. Wants very active a lot of hours, your kd must be over 1 or very close to. Need cod acct & be active during clan wars....
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  • Looking for Clan for PS3/PS4

    I am active generally morning for about 4-5 hours trying to change my work schedule so i can play more. i am looking for a very active/casual,fun/competitive clan before during and after Clan wars not a clan that show...
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  • Ps3 Clan Recruitment

    Icehouseclan is looking for active and positive k/d members we do not take in anyone with a lower k/d then a 1.0 we work as a clan, we have a few rules: Keep are clan tags on, Be online at least 3 times a week, we don...
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  • 3.7+ K/D & 2.5+ W/L ratio player looking for a clan

    Let me first say that I am a PS4 player. I used to have a clan but nobody in it made the switch to PS4 and they don't seem to plan on doing so anytime soon so I figured I'd start looking for a new clan. I'm a very com...
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  • h3loGaming (ps4)

    h3loGaming is a ps4 youtube clan we have 812 subs and we are partnered by Freedom We currently have 3 members and are willing to take more Requirements 14+ Willing to put effort into youtube for clan Better if you ha...
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  • [ps3] looking for clan

    Looking for a clan that is competive and serious about what they do and what they want   PSN: SuhG-
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  • Looking for high lvl clan

    kd 2   wl 1.80   played cw before
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  • Looking for good active clan competive

    looking for clan thats competition and serious
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