• The killcam lies

    It seems that the killcam tells a completely different story of what happened.  This seems to occur in nearly every ghosts game I get into. That almost never happens on other call of duty games.  Is it the m...
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    FYI...   The object of this game mode is to hold the flags as long as possible. For this to happen you actually have to cap the flag. The flag will NOT cap itself. One person can cap by himself, but it's a hell ...
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  • zip lining

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    in black ops 2 we saw a zip line in a dlc map and thought it was awesome. It was something that was cool. Maybe if there was a zip line or a way to repel and climb a wall to get to an advantage point for sniping that ...
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  • shock and awwww

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    I like the mortar and shock and awww field orders. It would be cool if there was just a shock charge grenade and or a shield like in black ops 2. One that is able to be place in the ground or such with all of the add-...
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  • bouncing betties/claymores

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    I love the bouncing betties/ claymores from black ops 2. Lets bring them back. They are a fun and great real world weapon for ambushes and something for protection.
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  • call of duty

    How many people buy a call of duty game and buy the season pass (camos not included) and then some people buy the camos and any other stuff the game developers can put into the game.
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  • Octane: Poor map design

    Octane is my one of my least favorite maps in ghost besides Stonehaven and Siege.   Octane has the right map size that we wanted but terible map design. That map is built for campers and bad players.You get to ...
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  • leaderboard dropzone

    when the leaderboard will be available in drop zone?
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    Join all_against_uk we are level 4 and only 4 members so we are are fun and we are recruiting if u join now u might be a second commander!! My gamertag on psn is.  Cami_cavani      U do t...
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  • classifica lobby zona di lancio

    uscirà mai la classifica lobby in zona di lancio?
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  • teeth ps3

    does any one actually know a way to get other than kills and bonus pool because i have been completing it over and over again and hardly getting any teeth i actually finished PoC with two relics and only got one tooth...
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  • What do you think about COD Ghosts Infected gamemode?

    Post down below what you think of the Cod Ghosts Infected Gamemode and what you think could be improved to it.   Personally I think that it is an amazing gamemode and makes cod less serious and adds more fun &nb...
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  • Prestige help

    Ive just started my 10th prestige and the emblem shows prestige 9??? any1 no if it should of changed???
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  • A shotgun buff is imminent.

    Hey shotgun haters! Despite your anti-shotgun/pro AR feedback, a shotgun buff is inevitable. The SMG buff created unbalance for CQC weapons, so shotguns should be getting buffed fairly soon. I highly suggest a hip fir...
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  • XBOX360 Accounts

    Does your Xbox Live work on more than one account on the same Xbox?
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  • Is the "Wanted Perk" back?

    This was a HUGE problem for me in Bo2 (Seeing as how all the maps were made out of ******* cardboard), but not so much in Mw3 and Bo1. but it seems as though that the wanted perk is back in Ghost. Excuse me for soundi...
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  • Extinktion Party of 2 Disbanded

    so when are they going to fix the party disbanded glitch
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  • Memory lose

    Help does any know what it means when you lose all your memory and statistics on multiplayer and extinction. I was prestige 1 rank 44 and I lost everything, yet when I look into my memory I still see where it says cod...
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  • The Ripper

    Do i have to buy seasons pass to get the ripper or can i just get it through the second dlc?
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  • CoDHQ Inbox Broken?

    Anyone else's Inbox just broke? Mine won't load up up the selected item, I get the loading bar and it just goes on and on and on and on. It won't let me select another topic either.
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