• Scrapyard Reboot

    I have to admit that I used to be one of those guys that always looked forward to a remake or reboot of a classic map. I'm not that guy anymore. I don't feel that the older style maps fit into this game. I'm actually ...
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  • Best N00b Set up?

    Hey guys,   I am not super great at COD:Ghosts... what is a good set up I should have so that I can be most potent on the battlefield. I am not usually a sniper, I like to get in there and fight. What are good p...
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  • what ammon is better in nightfall

    what ammo do you think is better in night fall explosive or armor piercing that will help to take down the breeder in under 5 minutes?
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  • Logan walker's in-game model

    Hello! I am a big fan of the Call of duty ghosts campaign, and i am also a big fan of the protagonist, Logan T. Walker. I Had a question who can look at the in game model of logan, and take a photo? It would make my ...
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  • the ripper

    A giant step over the pay to win line? I think so. Discuss.
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  • Diamond Division receives patches for opting in

    We were told that we would receive the bronze through platinum division patches automatically just for opting into the diamond division.  My clan has now played in the diamond division for the last two wars and w...
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  • Need a clan

    Can anyone help me get a pretty good clan?
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  • How do you stop discussion updates?

    Anyone know how you can stop receiving updates on a thread which you've contributed to in the past?  thanks
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  • There needs to be a Name and Shame list.

    I have been in 20 games today and 12 of them, someone was throwing infinite Tactical gear out and I'm getting sick of it.  So I think we should all ban together and start a name and shame list, to point out all e...
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    All of a sudden I can not connect to the ghosts online servers, It was working fine last night to play online but now I can't connect and play online. My internet connection and PSN are working fine, and I am able to ...
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  • Can anyone help me get my k/d ratio up?

    My k/d ratio is 0.875 and I'd like to get it to at least 1.0
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    I don't get "quickscoping" it's really stupid what happen to the traditional snipers. nowadays it people running around just sniping. I literally just got off the game because this dude kept killing me when I put a wh...
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  • Why buy maps and upgrades when we cant get games?

    Ever since the most recent upgrade, the cod servers have not searched for games properly. I cant play the extra maps because it says there are no games. You are kidding me!  The worlds most popular game.... and...
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  • Recruiting People for Ghosts on PS4!!!

    HI, I need active people to join my new clan called ~MRC, Mr.Clutch. If interested add me on PS4 xBaDaSsGuSFTWx
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  • Stupid Care Package KEM Strikes.

    Why is this in the game?   Those things are deadly in the hands of morons..   Playing Strikezone, we had the lead. We had total map control, the ******* worst guy on the team, gets the package and I after ...
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  • Return of Ground War and Multi-Team Modes (All Consoles)

    Does anyone have any info that these modes may come back?
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  • worst game in the world its call of duty

    I got the season pass for new maps they suck big time. the game is crap too many support players now that support crap players so everyone uses support. this is the last time I buy a cod game lucky I got bf4 its bette...
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  • Multi color clan tags

    i know that you get a gold clan tag at clan lvl 11 and a red clan tag at lvl 25 but how are these ppl running around with blue and green and pink clan tags ive looked up their clan lvls and most havnt even reached lvl...
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  • Infinity ward needs to fix the spawns on Ghosts

    Who agrees?
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  • Help with error code 4096?

    Since yesterday I've been having trouble getting into the game. I'll select 'play online' and it will say 'fetching online profile' for a few minutes, only to redirect to the previous screen and give me 'error code 40...
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