• Let us ready up with 2 players

    1 vote
    In public lobbies, you can't start a game until there is 3 players in a game. Some times, when it's early in the morning, late at night, or some other time, there isn't enough players on. So, being able to ready up wh...
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  • Add More Variety In Challenges (solo games)

    About an hour ago, I had 3 games of Nightfall, solo (trying to move up on the escapes leaderboard - no point racing against Shadow now, he's too far ahead of me haha - damn you Shadow!!). Every game I ran the same set...
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  • Awakening Tips 101 - Suggestions on Starting Off Right! Go Team Go!

    Changed the title so people would stop whining. Congrats, you win. Now you can stop complaining because you're a cheater and were disappointed that you couldn't find any glitches in my post.     How to sta...
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  • Money Problem

    So I have noticed something odd. Everyonce in a while partway through a game I will start receiving only half of the money for a kill. Its happened to me 3 times in the last 15-20ish games I've played.   1st -&...
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  • To Devs: Please give us Big Team Mode!

    12 votes
    Multiplayer lobbies range from 12-18 players. I would like to see a Big Team Mode for Extinction. Somewhere between 6 and 8 players max per lobby. Have more cryptids spawn to compensate for more players. Could have se...
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  • Weapon expert choice of weapon help!

    Well guys, I normally play as a weapon expert (WE) I have the extra damage tooth upgrade, the WE upgrade and both the incendiary and AP ammo upgrades, locker key plus a few others but I am not here to talk about tooth...
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  • Please give the EXTREME extinction players something to keep working for!

    29 votes
    The new teeth upgrades need to have some really expensive/cool upgrades. Not saying they all have to be expensive, but at least give us EXTREME players something cool to work towards. I currently have 476 teeth and 33...
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  • Help! Armory question.

    I have everything but hypo a rhino flaming shield and locker key. I JUST bought higher quality incendiary ammo. Now my question is: Does this count towards only incendiary or explosive as well? If you know please let...
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  • Would you guys think it would be cool if they added uniforms and patches that are earned in extinction for next dlc

    Extinction earned uniforms and patches in dlc Some like earn 100 million score for the elite-an equivalent to war cry, and some for average players
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  • Xp

    I have again few stupid questions but must ask.   1. What does red xp mean? its on same place were u can see yellow double xp (when active).   2. I level on some prestiges much much faster then on others? ...
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  • Best Way to Start Awakening

    So since all of us here like getting the ARK right away, or at least many of us do, I have a quick tip for starting the game with a locker weapon, ARK, or schematics before anyone else. So at the start of the game whe...
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  • Does anyone use Marksmen Rifles, or anything other than an LMG or AR?

    I find MRs to be useless on anything but Scouts in the first section. Snipers are useless too but that's to be expected. I think what makes MRs so worthless at late game is the clip capacity and total ammo capacity. O...
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  • Nightfall solo...?

    So after all these months i still haven't been able to beat nightfall on solo, really only the phantoms and rhinos actually kill me the breeder doesn't do any major damage to me so what am i doing wrong? I run WS grac...
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  • Best Loadout Debate?

    Okay fellow gamers, time for a real extinction discussion. Through all the "running N' gunning" tactics or the 'help and defend' style, everyone has their own methods to conquer the hordes of outer world beasts. Wheth...
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  • Hardcore

    I'm not much of a high score player. I have done relic runs of 8 or 9, and I do want a decent score (who doesn't), but anyone who knows me knows that I am more for the escapes and just playing of the game (hence my es...
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  • Solo nightfall help needed

    So i decided to do Solo extinction for a time did it once in POC without relics and escaped, so few questions     1.   Good tips, Loadouts because i never do it solo it after a few times with 5 r...
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  • Dear Devs - A suggestion for teeth armory (current or next title)

    Dear Devs, What about a high dollar purchase (50+) that would allow you to enter a "store screen" to buy any weapon or attachment?  (Playing POC with an Amelie LMG for example).  Cost for weapons could rem...
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  • 10 relic games

    Ever since the new relics have been released people have been trying to beat maps with all 10 relics which is near impossible to get with fewer than 10-15 downs. But tonight i saw possibly the best way to finish with ...
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  • What Extinction map do you find easiest?

    I find that I can easily get to hive 10+ while running 5 Relics Solo on Mayday. To me this map seems like the easiest way to gain points to level up. What map do you play the most to level up quickest?
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  • Teeth question

    Maybe stupid question but do you get extra teeths for running more relics? 1 relic= 1 tooth 2 relics= 2 teeths? And so on?
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