• Class Upgrades How Many Times

    Hey all i just need someone to confirm for me the class upgrades please cheers   1. How much teeth does it cost to buy the upgrade (im ps3 ) is it a one off cost ?   2. When im in the game how does the up...
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  • Mayday Completionist

    I am on Xbox 360 and I am looking for players who are serious about completing all challenges on Mayday. Mics are not required but preferred. GT is Medrano911
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  • Extinction escapes

    I have 2 friends and myself who are max prestiged and we are running new guys through point of contact. So if you have 0 escapes, a mic, and are willing to listen, we will help you escape. My PSN is MK3LANE, send me a...
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  • Damage upgrade ?

    does this include bullet damage or just physical melee damage ?
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  • Anyone seen the new extinction chaos mode!!

    Anyone seen the new extinction chaos mode? It is only on the pc currently. If you want to see the gameplay click here Call of Duty: Ghost - "CHAOS MODE" Gameplay! - LIVE w/ Ali-A! - YouTube
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  • Looking for 3 Players - Mayday

    I'm looking for players to complete Mayday.  I'm not looking to be a leader, I just want to beat it.  I'll alter my loadout however everyone thinks is best.  I have a mic and I'm a team player.  Ad...
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  • Best relic? and some other questions

    1) So to get more teeth you need to play with a relic. What is the best relic to use on Nightfall and which oe for mayday, and still be a team player. Also do i need armory upgrades or a special load out for it? &nbs...
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  • Bugs/Glitches Thread. Please add

    @I haven't seen a proper bug or glitch thread yet since the release of Mayday, only small discussions, please add glitches you have found to this and hopefully IW will see it.   ~ If a portable/grenade turret is...
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  • So, how many kills for teeth?

    I've seen people say that to get the extra tooth for "hundreds of kills" is 300-400, but I really do disagree with that. I've had games where I have had over 500 kills, and no tooth. So I think it's somewhere in the r...
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  • How many prestiges total are there total in extinction?

    How many prestiges total are there total in extinction??!!
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  • Going for nightfall completionist and kill the breeder in 5 mins

    If you are interested in doing these achievements with me on the 360 then send me a message/Friend request my gt is GareBear203.
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  • Does the teeth bonus pool stack?

    Couldn't find the answer to this. If I don't play extinction for a week and my teeth pool is at 3, does it go to 6, 9, 12 etc. every week or constantly stays at 3 and you lose the ability to gain bonus teeth that week...
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  • Can you share teeth like you can share money?

    Title says it all...  Just curious  as I just found out about the money sharing by ADS and holding jump
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  • Console Chaos Mode

    When are consoles getting the new Chaos mode? PC got it last night.
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  • Damage upgrade 10 teeth. Please explain ??

    The description for damage upgrade says "Increase the damage of all attacks by 5%"   Does that mean 5% increase for all weapons, melee, all lethals, soflam, in-game turrets, Strike packages (IMS, sentries, etc.)...
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  • Call of duty ghost extinction

    Do you guys think that extinction survivel would be any good if it came out in the next DLC.
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  • Calling all Extinction players help us #racetoescape

    When 8pm BST Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator   Platform Xbox 360   Calling all Extinction player's. The developers of Neversoft and Infinity Ward are joining the #CGN this evening! ...
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  • Does anyone know if the upgraded ammo applies for the whole team or does the person who has it have to throw it?

    I think that the person who has it has to thow it. I also think that everyone gets the upgraded ammo, not just the person who throws it. Would like to know for sure tho.
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  • To Devs: please patch the turret glitch!!

    When a player finishes a portable turret or grenade turret and exits, the turret self destructs. If a player sets a new one down in the same spot (while the old one is self destructing) they will both self destruct. I...
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  • Mayday Easter Egg

    I am looking to see if there is a Mayday easter egg that anyone has found, there was one on POC where you had to shoot the letters and aliens exploded into alien figurines and there was the one on NF where you had to ...
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