• With a 1000 teeth upgrade revealed how many teeth do you guys have?

    I'm sitting at 1589 about to grind to 2000 now.
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  • Final DLC teeth upgrade ideas?

    Akimbo primary weapons = 100 teeth.
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  • Nightfall, Failure, and MrKnowItAll

    Stinky, you might be right after all...randoms SUCK!  I should have just quit, but have been tying not to for reasons explained before. I have been playing Nightfall almost exclusively lately and it has quickly ...
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  • How many games question?

    This is also about to get those ******* 1000+ teeths. So how many games does it take to play to get 1000+ teeths? How many games can u play in a day? How many days does it take to get 1000+ teeths? 1 month 2 months...
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  • 1,000 Teeth curiosity

    AWWWW YEAH! Finally something the hardcore players will love to grind for! I'm really pumped to start grinding for teeth. I sit at around 220 teeth right now. Hypno-knifing a rhino costs 50 teeth...I'm very curious to...
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  • Keep earning those Teeth, you're gonna need them!

    We love our community members and wanted to give you all a very special sneak peek at the new Extinction Armory screen with a few new items that will be arriving in the very near future. 1000 teeth, oh my!!  
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  • Wheres the Next Episode Take Place?

    I can only guess where the location will be but I would love to hear your thoughts. My guess is in a spaceship departing from a destroyed earth. I only say that because as were excaping from Awakening is seems like ev...
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  • Insult/Hate Messages

    Why do people insist on having to send you a message, either insulting you, or hating you? I was just in a lobby for POC with some other 20th prestige. No one ready'd up, but this guy backs out. I think nothing of it...
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  • Question about my Class selection screen

    When I go to the Class selection, I have what looks like glowing orange cryptic blood on my Engineer class.  It's not on the WS, Tank, or Medic classes. It's not on any of the pistols.  It's not on any of th...
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  • PS4 or XBOX ONE

    Will be changing console soon, so I would like to know which console would be the best, I currently play on ps3 but am seriously thinking about an xbox one, any helpful comments to help me decide   Thank you in ...
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  • My Funniest Game Ever

    I honestly don't know where to start with this. I guess from the beginning would be helpful, right?   So, I am searching lobbies for 40 minutes for randoms, and everyone is either using an MK32 or GT, so I decid...
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  • Forum friend requests!

    You don't have to do this, and I know many on this forum are already friends, but if everyone would like to post their gamer tag and console/s so that we can all play together/help each other it would be great! I thin...
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  • ShadowStrike002 READ!

    Dude! while I was helping my girlfriend complete her 5 relic co-op score, it was only the two of us! remember when you were shocked about me having 210k PoC co-op with 0 relics and no grenade turret... well, I managed...
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  • Is Nightfall Too Hard?

    What I have to say to that is that Nightfall is incredibly challenging and difficult. Sure, It's not impossible, but this map is beyond a reasonable difficulty. I found the first extinction map to be just the right di...
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  • Kastet = My New Favorite for Awakening

    I recently started using the Kastet in Awakening solo mode and I love it. I was already a fun of the grenade turret but the Kastet is so powerful yet so mobile!   . The issue I have is that's the Kastet is only ...
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  • PS3 Bug.Drill either doesn't spawn or it disapears??

    Just lately when starting awakening the drill didn't spawn in a few games and some games it spawned but when someone put it down it would vanish, anyone know why or does it happen to you...??
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  • awakening issue.

    why is it that none of the intels are coming up for me to watch, or that i even got them at all- and it's not just me, it's my fiance, too.   and it's saying that he didn't escape at all, but i did. and we did i...
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  • I lost 2 games!

    Last night I did a successful game of "back to basics" loadout, that took me from 1500 teeth, to 1502. We then did another game with some split screeners, which brought my teeth total to 1506. When I just logged in, m...
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  • cod ghosts extinction problem

    I have been trying to get past the tenth hive on CD ghosts extinction and everytime I get ganged on from all directions or when that doesn't happen I get mauled by a rhino I am trying to beat the campaign point of con...
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  • Another Rant on How Unbalanced Awakening Solo Is

    While I was using the Vanguard in the 2nd area, I was attacked all at once by 3 rhinos, a Phantom, and countless scorpions. Needless to say I died. Game over. Really? How is that balanced?   Keep in mind I wasn'...
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