• Downloadable Voice Suggestion

    I'd like to suggest that you bring Keifer Sutherland back to do a voice over. Especially if he does his Monster vs Aliens character. I'd buy that one.
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  • from battlefield to c.o.d.

    so I have had ghosts since the release of x1. I have been playing battlefield 4 for 7 months. I have 700+ hrs in it. I have recently started to play ghosts and its refreshing. battlefield is broken, from hit detection...
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  • COD and External ballistics

    COD,   After playing a few games of BF4 where it has incorporated a program to change a bullets trajectory from point A to B (relative to distance, aiming and angle).   Leads to my question:   - Woul...
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  • @CoD Game Dev's. A franchise that's losing it's Identity

        So.... where to start. First off this will be a pretty long post talking about the game play and mechanics of the new Call of Duty games. Why does my opinion matter? I've played Call of Duty since W...
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  • Hardcore players don't matter. And thermobaric grenades need a fix.

    I am a hardcore player, I am a paying customer, I am sick of taking a back seat to core players, and I'm not the only one.   Hardcore players are a big part of this community, yet we always come last. Here are a...
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  • We need Spawns feedback!

    UPDATE: February 10th, 2014   Thanks for all the feedback so far!   We have a different spawn setting in the Core TDM playlist (across platforms). If you have time to check it out, please do, and let us kn...
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  • What sense does it make?

    Hello everyone,   first, i want to excuse myself for my bad english, but nevertheless hope that most will understand what i'm trying to express here...i want to talk about an issue, that's surely not only a prob...
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  • hardcore mode

    For the love of god guys, can you please tone down the power of the freaking explosives.  I thought you guys were kind of killing the ied range but in hardcore mode it's ridiculously deadly at a far distance.&nbs...
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  • What are Hard Patches

    What are Hard patches, Hard patches are first of all hard to earn, They take a long time and require much skill. A hard patch does not look like 200 kills with akimbo acog magnums. Nor does it look like getting all 3 ...
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  • What is the better Black Ops 2 or CoD Ghosts??

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  • season 2

    if it's right that the next episode is having a 2 year development i think the likelihood of getting more map dlc is quite high.   what sort of things do you all think should happen to keep you interested into y...
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  • So much for that

    So, for most of this week, the forums have been full of some great, deep, meaningful conversations about the State of Call of Duty. I've been impressed but so have others. It was a glimmer of hope on an otherwise blea...
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  • Windows 8 app - cant download!

    I am unable to download the app on ANY of my Windows 8 devices (PC, Surface, Surface 2)   I get the following error: http://t.co/j33kzkgDz1   How do I fix this?
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  • Kill Confirmed Bug ?

    Essentially what I'm experiencing is this. As soon as I kill an enemy, his tag disappears almost immediately and it says kill denied even when no enemies are there to grab it. This happened for an entire game of Kill ...
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  • How do you feel when you're on a streak and you hear a dog growl

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  • behemoth freezing during hcdom?

    My friends and I keep experiencing a game freeze during hcdom but only on this map, it's been happening at least once a night.  Is anyone else having this problem?
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  • KEM Hunters

    Looking for Australians and New Zealanders to party up with on PS4 so we can KEM hunt on game modes like DOM and Blitz respond to this or message me and add me at my PSN Fuzzzzzayyy thanks
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  • Please bring this back!!

    Please bring back the button where you can turn dlc off.. I hate not being able to do this. Most of the time i just wanna play the standard maps and it not search for games with dlc.
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  • "How many C.O.D games does it take!!!!!!!!!?"

    I was wondering how many cod game did it take you guys to get things like, Nukes, MOABS, KEMs, ect. I've been plying since Mw3, so I guess to the veterans, I'm a late starter. I have been able to get tons of swarms in...
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  • Welcome To The Worst FPS Game Ever

    I just got done playing my fill of COD: Ghosts today, and I'm totally PISSED. I couldn't make it through ONE GAME without some jerkwad hacker (or two) screwing up my fun.   To the people that want to play this g...
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