• Create a "Lone Survivor" MDLC?

    13 votes
    I'll apologize for this being USA centric... but then again... so am I.   I have deep affinity for those that serve, have served, and sacrificed for my country. Many of you may have seen the film Lone Survivor ...
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  • All or nothing DLC policy (inspired by Rankismet and NoLifeKing32)

    19 votes
    The segregation of the community after DLC launches is an issue, especially over the next couple of years with the Xbone and PS4. I don't think you can have a DLC topic without bring up price. After all, money is a hu...
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  • What is the better Black Ops 2 or CoD Ghosts??

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  • Pick your spawn point (Revised)

    38 votes
    I am suggesting this idea because of one major flaw I've been seeing in Ghosts. Constantly spawning on one side of the map despite knowing that it's unsafe is annoying. I bring this up all the time, but Whiteout, even...
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  • 1 DLC pack for the next COD?

    9 votes
    How about we get 1 mega DLC pack with the next CoD that contains 12 maps for $40.. $3.25/map   Wouldn't this be a more profitable business model? With more time to work on other things?   I for one would d...
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  • Welcome To The Worst FPS Game Ever

    I just got done playing my fill of COD: Ghosts today, and I'm totally PISSED. I couldn't make it through ONE GAME without some jerkwad hacker (or two) screwing up my fun.   To the people that want to play this g...
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  • How the Battle Royal Should Work. Ideas and Suggestions.

    The whole Battle Royal situation really needs to be looked into in depth.  From what I hear, and see, the entire thing looks like crap.  Utter Crap.  It needs to be changed, not scrapped, just changed.&...
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  • Who would like to see Grind added to the public playlists?

    50 votes
    Currently Grind is only available as a private match setting , for those who haven't played it it's a cross between kill confirmed, ctf and a dash of dom.   When you get a kill you have to collect the tag and th...
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  • Ghillie camo for snipers V. 4

    11 votes
    It would be nice to have a ghillie camo for snipers like there was in Call of Duty 4 in "all ghillied up" mission. The camo itself could change the color similarly to the ghillie suit itself. It could be unlo...
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  • Flooded Special Field Order

    22 votes
    As the title suggests, this is a pretty basic idea that I just wanted to throw out there. I was playing cod ghosts last night on flooded with a few friends when we suddenly had an awesome idea for field orders. Imagin...
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  • Fix K/D Raising with-in Infected

    12 votes
         Infected is a pretty fun gamemode, and people enjoy because of the way it is. It's like zombies because you die and turn. But, I think people enjoy this game for a different reason.   &n...
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  • If Snipers Can QS

    22 votes
    Every other gun should have 100% AA on the first 2 bullets that degrade to 50% on the 3rd, then to manual on the 4th.   I'm just tired of getting shot by QS that turn wildly and shoot with the hitmarker not even...
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  • IED Revamp

    26 votes
    Give them more time to be set up.   Why?  Because they are an easy kill.  You can throw them and they automatically activate on touching the ground.   I think you should have to place the IED on ...
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  • Removing Killcam As We Know It

    21 votes
    Killcam as we know does more harm than good. When someone sees killcam there not really gathering an acturate picture of what happened.   Sometimes it shows a lag-influenced version of a death, sometimes it only...
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  • Win by a lot, lose by a lot

    Less and less matches are going down to the wire. I've dabbled in a couple matches today and all of them have been losses where my team barely hit the half the points needed to win while the other team piled on the ai...
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  • Platinum Gear Rewards

    15 votes
    I hope I'm not asking for too much, but I would like to suggest gear for winning Platinum Division Clan Wars. There is going to be new gear for Diamond Division, and Body Count could be for winning Gold Division. I wo...
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  • Changing the standards; remove small maps and increase lobby size

    25 votes
    Not so much an idea as it is a survey. I'd like for you all to ponder this thoroughly before voting. I'm just asking if you would prefer it to be this way.   Maps like Strikezone, Nuketown, Rust, Shipment, and a...
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  • How to register clan for clan wars

    My clan is ready to start clan war activities.  The clan is established. Over 10 members.  But when I open the clan wars section of the app it says our clan is currently not registered for clan wars. How do ...
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  • Domination flag capture,,, scorestreak points for all

    13 votes
    At present: Only the first teammate onto a domination flag will earn a scorestreak point. Unless, the first teammate dies, passing it on to the next in line.   The amendment: any player that captures a flag in d...
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  • Does this happen to anyone else?

    Whats up, since call of duty 4 ive noticed something that seems to happen every year dont know if its in my head or this is actually a thing. While leveling up everyone tries to find thejr goto gun, the gun that when ...
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