• why do wiimote players take extra damage?

    an honest question, its happening time and time again.not just me. watched my girlfriend put 4 rounds into a wiimote user with mr28, a 3 hit kill gun, at close range and she looked puzzled, even said "i stopped shooti...
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  • Macbook ruins my internet speeds on every other attached device?

    Been seeing crazy lag spikes lately, games almost unplayable, keep dropping to 1 red bar, ive tried everything from unticking UpNp, to changing net channels, to rebooting, to reset to factory settings etc etc and stil...
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  • Things that NEED to be fixed for Ghosts Wii U

    - I.E.D need to be fixed - Whiteout Ice glitch - MSBS Power - No more inactive operations - Loadout customization for Extinction - Change the menu music for multiplayer its **** - More guns in the Infected rotat...
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  • Could Smash Bros Cripple The Wii U CoD Community?

    If any of you have watched the latest Nintendo Direct, We know that Smash Bros will be out this summer for the Nintendo 3DS, but the Wii U version is expected to be released in the winter. If this is the case, will th...
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  • (Official) Glitch/Bug Thread (Updated April 1st)

    This update has another red alert for A_Trey_U and the Wii U Team that must be fixed. (A message to A_Trey_U: If you want to link a private sub thread for you and me to talk about these glitch/bugs only (We will no...
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  • Is this even real life....

      What....what happened to Call of Duty, you guys?
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  • I had an idea for Riley the wonder dog.

    Shouldn't sitrep, or something, show that evil ball of fur on the minimap?  I think an oracle does, or recon maybe (someone help me out with that one), but shouldn't he show up just the same as a sentry gun with ...
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  • freeze issues

    I was just wondering if there is an explanation why almost every time a map comes up I dont want to play, if I back out of the empty lobby to search another game (different map) my console freezes? Its like 90 percent...
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  • Couple Questions for WiiU Players...

    I might be getting a WiiU in the near future (instead of an Xbox One or PS4), and I just have a few questions about the WiiU experience in this game:   About how many people play on any given weekend? Do people...
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  • Did M27 get nerfed somewhere along the way?

    I dug my way from launch day through third prestige using mostly M27. Back in maybe January I put away the M27 and started working with other guns. This weekend I pulled out he old LMG class and couldn't get a kill fo...
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  • I Discovered Some New Weird Bugs...

    I have pictures of the bugs but I want to upload them to the thread, is there a way I can do this (Website, Image Share, Etc.)? So I discovered 2 weird bugs I noticed and photographed (but I don't know how to shar...
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  • New glitch: Infinite Canister Bombs

    Not sure how, but ran into a couple players spamming canister bombs. so watch out!
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  • more dlc wii U?

    anyone knows if there are intentions to get more maps through a dlc, multiplayer verson of the WiiU?
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  • Switching from wiimote to normal controller - any tips?

    Played with wiimote since I started cod, its whats ive always done, its what got me back into gaming and ive tried in the past and failed miserbaly with a proper controller.   So as you know im looking at switch...
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  • finally added headphones, worth it

    so i picked up a pair of the turtle beach wii u headphones at target ($28) yesterday and im very impressed with them and ghosts. im not much for the chatting but i love the sound detail that i never knew was there. th...
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  • Cod Ghost Wii U DLC

    How come we still dont have the dlc (Onslaught) for COD Ghost Wii U wen its already available on others competitor hardware, im wondering how can you expect to make better sell over wii u version wen you sell it at 60...
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  • So when are you going to fix the netcode you broke, again, Treyarch?

    Trey_A, I'm only going to give you a pat on the back if you add or fix something WITHOUT breaking something that worked. We get a new map that everyone else got since launch and you fixed some minor issues I never dea...
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  • Can't play online

    Ok so I come back to the game after a few months. I go to multiplayer, and it says I need to download the new content off the Nintendo eshop. So I'm like sweet we finally have DLC!   I visit the eshop, click on ...
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  • Wii Wifi getting turned off May 20th

    Sadly, Nintendo is slamming the hammer on the Wii. That means we won't be able to play the Wii CoDs (WaW, MWR, Mw2, BO1, MW3) online anymore. I have had the best memories playing Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 on th...
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  • @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

    return to a simpler time it would be so awesome if we can turn back the clock and have another game based on World War 2.  im not really liking the futuristic theme thats going on. we need something gritty and d...
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