• anyone wanna play??

    hi guys just wondering im getting wii u cod ghosts next week so wondering if anyone wanna play together and have some fun add me on wii u THE_DARK_NINJA_TWINS
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  • Advanced Warfare WiiU Confirmed?

    Check out the link: Wii U logo found within Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s website source code – Charlie INTEL Blog: Call of Duty Ghosts - Saw this on Charlie Intel a few minutes ago, what do you guys t...
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  • where is ghost wii u dlc?

    did you forget about the wiiu version activision? 1st you didn't announce the wiiu version until later like close to its release, then the wiiu version is released late, then no dlc but 1 map. you are slacking at publ...
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  • DLC for Wii?

    wen r we gtting te forst striek map pacz for bleck ups wii? #weareone #wiicommunity #360noscope #youtubearmy
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  • The party is going to be pushed to Saturday! (IS NOW LIVE)!

    Saturday is better for this party because of time constants. Sorry for the inconvenience, you can still play with me online tonight though. UPDATE: IT'S NOW LIVE PARTY IS NOW LIVE!
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  • Flip'N Fun Saturday All Night Party (Ghost Wii U Game Night) (NOW LIVE)

    PARTY IS NOW LIVE!   [Takes a bite of pizza] [chews] [swallows]   [Burps] Er-hmm... Fellow allies of the Nintendo CoD Community; to celebrate Nintendo's release of Mario Kart 8 and a gift to the community ...
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  • Probably going to own a Wii-U soon

    Hello, i was wondering is Ghost worth to get on the Wii-U? Pretty just hyped for Mario Kart 8, how many players during the week day time? is FFA/TDM/S&D are popular? Any Patch? there a headphone for the Wii-U? hop...
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  • (Official) Glitch/Bug Thread (Updated May 17th) (Support Is Probably Over)

    At this time... This thread will no longer get updates as support for Call of Duty: Ghost for the Nintendo Wii U may (a good 97% chance) had been cut somewhere in late April possibly (I don't know but I speculate it b...
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  • Wii U should not recieve Advanced Warfare

    Simply We don't deserve it.
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  • Community Is Quite...

    What's wrong guys? Activision got your tongue?  No, I'm just kidding. There hasn't been a lot of talking on here lately, either you all have more stuff to do in life now or you are avoiding it... The forums look ...
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  • COD Ghosts keeps freezing

    Hey so I just got ghosts from gamestop used for the wii u and it's a great game and all but when I play online sometimes my wii u will just freeze and I have to shut the wii u on and off to be able to play again. This...
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  • Hey so........

    Hey I finally decided to go and pickup a copy of COD-Ghosts (And Ac4)for the WiiU and I thought it would be a good idea to join the forums for it.I am more of a casual gamer and a have lived my childhood with only eve...
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  • Do Something Special For Our Devs

    22 votes
    A_Trey_U (and others if true) has been doing so much for us for years. I think we should do something for them later this year... What do you guys think?
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  • Wii Wifi getting turned off May 20th

    Sadly, Nintendo is slamming the hammer on the Wii. That means we won't be able to play the Wii CoDs (WaW, MWR, Mw2, BO1, MW3) online anymore. I have had the best memories playing Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 on th...
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  • Wii U needs one last patch!

    The WiiU-Version of Ghosts is the most unplayable version right now, because alot of game-ruining bugs aren't fixed, and modes are missing!   I think, the following things have to be done before the patch suppor...
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  • Connection Changes - Help and Advice?

    So, I came home from college this last monday (May 5, '14). I played Ghosts last night for the first time at home last night, and oh wow. The internet up at college was great. I'd get in-game readings of ~3500-4150 kb...
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  • Wii U Deserves DLC

    Many people all around the world is getting the wii u, and are buying games of the call of duty saga, like black ops 2 and ghosts. I only have ghosts, and im tired of not having dlc i love extinction mode but i only h...
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    As you know it's very hard to find someone on KC, well, some people are playing right now so join us and have fun
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  • some people take cod alittle bit to far

    well if anyone saw this on the news or gamesite about a cod player calling the cops for backup against the other player well heres the link and check it out(facepalm) http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2014/04...
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  • How many players are online in last time?

    Hi I have queastion to u about players? how many of them are online in last time? I dont know what I should buy WiiU or PS3 version xd
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