• why people dont like quickscoping

    ok first i start this by saying there is nothing wrong with quckscoping you have to aim andshoot one bullet and if you mis yourt screwed so you have to hit every bullet instead of sparying wityh a machine gun so yea t...
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  • any 1 who else exited for cod advanced warfar

    so im starting this with im relly exited for this it looks so cool with all the suits and future weapons and i hope they make price come back cause that would be cool cod advaned warfar is going to be the best cod yet...
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  • Full of Win

    A logical progression from Ego's Fail Thread..  
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  • need to let you alll know somehing

    my account is not working so i made a new account just leting you know thanks if you can tell me how to fix my account thank you to
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  • When the Cryptid war has finally ended...

    Be sure to see a doctor before resuming life.  All of those team boosters  you've been injecting into your body will have lingering effects if you have not been fully treated.   Ignoring this advice w...
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  • Gaming Entitlement

    Yes, I will be using generalizations. No, I am not tarring everyone with the same brush.   Let's start with a true story. Being 11 or 12 my older sister and I sat in the living room Christmas morning. My head w...
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  • This is my 9 to 5, what's yours?

    This is only a small part of what I do. Also, I have the Reds game playing off to the right  
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  • Internet racists rants

    Why are there so many people on COD who are closet racists? In public they would be deathly afraid to use the "N" word and other racially derogatory language. If there are people in America that refuse to think there ...
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  • this gif's for you

    so i enjoy searching and looking at gifs (i blame falcon for showing me how). you guys have posted some really funny ones and one horrible one (hanz i got my on you) so lets see what you got.
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  • Off Topic Idea - W@W Revamp for xbox one

    I dont know about anyone else but what i personally really miss are the days of W@W when gun fights were amazing because they actually consisted of guns and grenades, having skill and using tactics, not all this run a...
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  • Teh OT FaiL Theory?

    OT   does- teh OT FAil or just FaIL? I mean who does it betteR>? Who FaiLS better than me?  
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  • Random thoughts thread

    We all have them, so whats on your mind....     Was watching a re-run of NCIS and this just popped in.....
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  • I Miss Betty.....

    But this helps.
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  • The "Big Toe" thread

    Put what you want in here. After my last thread got deleted I have to be careful.
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  • *****official monumental points thread*****

    I took the tip of JeepChick to my heart so here it is.   To post when you achieve a monumental points point.   The benchmark will be 100 points.   When getting a badge or something you don't need to ...
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  • Stupid things you've heard while playing Extinction/Zombies

    We all hear people say stupid things while playing mp, but I was curious as to what kinds of stupid things you've heard while playing either Extinction or Zombies - from any COD title.   No explanation behind th...
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  • why pc gaming is overated

    these or my reasons why pc gamign is overated dont hate okky so this is why pc gaming is overrated why would you pay 2000 dollars for a system tghat you can by a aweosme xbox 1 for 500 and better graphics and better s...
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  • my idea for next cod game

    ok so this cod game would be called cod ghost ops and it would be where you plays as price and it takes place in year 25700 jusst to let you know and everyone is in mechs and the mechs have differents kinds of weapons...
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  • The optimal class for the AK 12 , this is how you pub stomp

    If you are looking to take the next step to becoming a great cod player this class is perfect for you   Call Of Duty Ghosts, The AK 12 Optimal Class, How To Pub Stomp - YouTube
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  • Cod Ghosts ps3 quickscope clan recruiting! (New)

    Scop3zUntamed looking for quickscopers and trickshoters!!!! Must have a mic, all are welcom to join just search the clan and or reply here. Prefered eastern player and must be active, we will level up the clan as much...
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