• What are you listening to at the moment?

    I've started this thread on every forum I've been apart of, all you have to do is post what you are listening to at the moment. Also if you want to, you can rate the music that the person above you posted.  
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  • The "Big Toe" thread

    Put what you want in here. After my last thread got deleted I have to be careful.
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  • why people dont like quickscoping

    ok first i start this by saying there is nothing wrong with quckscoping you have to aim andshoot one bullet and if you mis yourt screwed so you have to hit every bullet instead of sparying wityh a machine gun so yea t...
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    I feel bad for my females friends playing Ghost because there are so few skins for them to choose from. And the ones that are there are ehhhh, not exciting at all.  All the new skins being added are ALL Male ski...
    =KkS= GAMING
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  • The Higher Five Club...                           50 :P

        waiting for OUHATEME 's company. Note: Upon entering the High Five club gifts must be shared. PS....I prefer beer or scotch Ouhateme has joined me. Two heads are better than one.     Slight p...
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  • Baseball talk

    Let's talk baseball. Who's your favorite team? What's you best baseball memory? Did you play as kid? I wanna hear some chatter.
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  • Dome and Downfall

    For fans of the maps Dome and Downfall from WaW (also known as the Reichstag) just got back from there and they have mended it.    
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  • Destiny Beta

    Just wondering who else got their notification email. I just got mine and registered. I really hope this game doesn't suck. I always have such high expectations only to be disappointed. Time will tell I suppose.
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  • The next time you feel like having a good moan.

    Instead of moaning here about, "something being OP", "getting outplayed", "crying because a gamemode you like was left out", "campers", "rushers", "snipers" or whatever you feel like crying about. Get one of these in...
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  • what happend to the good ole days of cod

    -when you could just get on and casually play -run into some intellegent life forms and carry on a conversation and meet new people -not get bombarded by haitmail just because you barely play the game and destroy so...
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  • The World Cup

    Who do you guys think will win the world cup in Brazil this summer?????
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  • A gentlemens club called Pinkieez

    If anything should be gained from visiting this hell hole is that the stripper whose worked there had very little space, the back room looks nice if you patch the wall up. I could knock on the door and perhaps some el...
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  • a repost of swaggboi1's idea corrected spelling and grammar

    hello everybody I  am reposting the edited version of swaggboi1's idea which I corrected thus making it easier for everybody to read all credit goes to swaggboi1 for the idea I  just fixed the spelling and g...
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  • Cod aw demo

    Sledgehammer should release a multiplayer demo for cod advanced warfare so people can see what kind of game it is before buying it and check out if its lag fest like ghosts.   Any thoughts?
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  • What is the best OS?

    My desktop gathered too much dust in the damp basement and the hard drive stopped functioning and when it did start it was destroyed. So I am upgrading the hard drive but I need to pick up a new operating system. Micr...
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  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

    If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? No rules, no restrictions at play for the powers either   I personally would chose the power to control time. Fast forward, rewind, stop, and especially slow...
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  • Off Topic Idea - W@W Revamp for xbox one

    I dont know about anyone else but what i personally really miss are the days of W@W when gun fights were amazing because they actually consisted of guns and grenades, having skill and using tactics, not all this run a...
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  • Gaming Entitlement

    Yes, I will be using generalizations. No, I am not tarring everyone with the same brush.   Let's start with a true story. Being 11 or 12 my older sister and I sat in the living room Christmas morning. My head w...
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  • Ghost spawn system in a nutshell

    The Hunger Games #8 Movie CLIP - Cornucopia Bloodbath (2012) HD Movie - YouTube Rinse and repeat every time you die.
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  • I Miss Betty.....

    But this helps.
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