• Clan Invite - Call of Duty Ghost (PC-Steam)

    _________________________________ Clan Name:  SEALs team ALPHA   Clan Tag: [SEAL]      Clan Commander: RufioJackson _________________________________   Hello everyone. New cl...
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  • Lost Souls is recruting ! (Steam)

    Hi, The Clan Lost Souls (Steam), is searching for active members.   requirements   - Skill (1.00+ KD) - Playing often CoD Ghosts, aswell during Clanwars. - TS3 and a mic. - No kiddies, 16 years+ - FUN...
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  • Does 'Ghosts' have offline bots now?

    I want to buy ghosts because I tried the game on Free Steam Weekend, and the offline bots we're pretty good. Online was...eh... and extinction wasn't to good. But I had a lot of fun with the bots. When I was playing, ...
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  • Singleplayer works! Multiplayer gives me Direct X Error. Need help

    Hey guys, I seem to have a unique problem that I have not seen in any of the discussions. When trying to boot multiplayer I receive the dreaded Direct X error and it doesn't let me boot the game. Yet when I load sing...
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  • Call of Duty not Working!!!!

    Why can I not connect to online services on PC? It says on the website www.callofduty.com/ghost/status that all systems are fully operational. But every time I try to connect to online services via the pc, it says to ...
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  • Is there a way to change the "lock" action to "release" action.

    There has got to be a way right? at the moment when you press Shift you run and press it again to stop, Aim down sights you press right mouse button and again to get out of that, it feels VERY unnatural. I want to aim...
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  • Split-Screen Multiplayer and Co-Op on the PC

    Call of Duty: Ghosts PC version must get the following feature:   Split-Screen Multiplayer Free For All, Team Deathmatch etc. Split-Screen Multiplayer Co-Op Missions, Survival etc.   So far every previous CO...
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  • anti-cheat system

    Was wondering when is are you guys going to implement some kind of anti-cheat system?like teaming up with valve to have vac or even punk buster=didn't think that good lot of problems,the system that you have now reall...
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  • CoD Ghost was working Perfect for a week.. now (help)

    As the title says the game was running like a dream, got right into it and was going rather well (for me) and way about 2 days ago it started to lag... badly nearly unplayable as I would walk into walls etc. Before my...
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  • Connecting to online services

    My game allways says when I am trying to play online "Connecting to online services" :c     What can I do?
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  • Taking Cranked/Blitz back to PC.

    1 vote
    I know that IW did a variety moshpit just becasue it would be easier to find games. But I think Cranked and Blitz are the best gamemodes of the game. On consoles they have them just because they have so many players. ...
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  • CoD Ghosts Multiplayer PC capability

    Is my PC good enough to play CoD Ghosts multiplayer on medium graphics?   Processor: AMD 6Core @3.6GHz Graphics: AMD 6670 2GB Resolution: 1366x768 Hard Drive: 120GB + 130GB Windows 7 64bit
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  • VAC Ban while playing COD Ghosts

    Hello everyone, my name is Phil and I recently downloaded Call of Duty Ghosts due to the Free Weekend Deal from Steam. Just to get things straight, I have never owned any Call of Duty games before, but I was looking ...
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  • I still can not understand that people are still buying this game?

    Do not do it.
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  • Why cant I find a match of TDM?.... 4000 people online....

    why is it that I can never find a match during the day, when there are the most people online?.... I can only find matches later on at night... when there's only around 1000 people.   Additionally, every time I ...
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  • Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

    Okay, look I have always bought COD for pc since cod 4. I have to say I am used to all the complaining on all the COD titles and it's whatever just whining 90% of the time. They all played well and still have decent p...
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  • Ghosts scam.

    I bought Call of duty Ghosts in steam, I looked for some important info and i did'nt find anything. It does not work. So I googled it and it requires 64-bit, wich does not say in steam store. I have 32-bit so I got sc...
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  • False VAC Ban

    So i decided to start up ghosts on pc again after about a month, then then when i click play it said i was VAC banned. i go to my profile and i see and it has no vac bans on record and my account is in good standing. ...
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  • when  i play multiplayer it loads until i try to find a online game then it says no game found

    when I go to play online it loads until I try to find a online game then it says no game found
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  • You Ban They Come Right Back [PC games shouldn't cost $60 like they do on consoles]

    PC games shouldn't cost $60 like they do on console because it's not the same experience. PC version is easily cheated and modded. there are tons of cheaters and they don't risk nothing but a cd-key for $10. If you c...
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