• ghost clan app on pc

    ghost can somebody help me. I downloaded the cod ghost app on my pc the first time I downloaded it it worked just fine but now everytime I click on the app it says "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS OFFLINE"   I HAVE...
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  • Snoop Dogg and CODg?!

    This would be amusing if it were April Fool's but this was posted 2 days ago.   http://www.polygon.com/2014/4/15/5618406/snoop-dogg-voice-pack-coming-to-call-of -duty-ghosts-april-22   *sigh*
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  • how to stop a hacker from joining you.

    Got in with steam today and supposedly if you block communication with someone they are not able to join the game you are in. so block the **** out of ™ thaT g!rL .I AM. ® since she is an obvious hacker.&nbs...
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  • Kicked for inactivity

    Why is it that I am still being kicked for inactivity while "waiting for other players" in Gun Game? According to some of the forum threads this has been a known issue from the beginning. It's just wonderful that we c...
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  • Why you screw up free-for-all?

    Whats is going on? 18 playsers on one map in free-for-all? Really stupid idea. Who can play like that campers noobs? Normal players stop play. Whats with your brain activision? Now this is game for 3 yera old child. p...
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    Hello,   First i didn't had an 8GB ram memory, I only had 4. So I went to the shop to buy extra 4GB ram memory.   I started the game, but it lasts so long to start the game on my laptop (HP EliteBook 8570...
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  • Ghosts - Joining a friends game problem

    Hi there!   I'm cheap and don't see the point of purchasing DLC packs. That is giving me problems, since a lot of my friends have bought either the season passes or the DLC packs separately. This on the other ha...
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  • Ghost DLC Question

    OK, its evening now & still no Maverick Gun. Also why not do the maps the way Black Ops 2 did? Is it going to that way with all the dlc maps? 4 sections with only 4 maps to choose from in each section? Everyon...
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  • Wolf DLC for PC?

    Is there a way to get this for PC or is only for Xbox?
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  • why is call of duty ghosts getting worse?

    Why is Call Of Duty Ghosts getting worse? I play it for pc, and between the hackers, lag between who shot who first, and the lack of hit markers/hit accuracy when you shoot someone, this game seems to just suck anymor...
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  • call of duty ghosts not working

    my call of duty just buy from steam is not working when i open single player and enter the campaign and when i move the game is crash. this is also in multiplayer same problem i'm entering game and this say loding an...
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  • I cant beleive this game still isnt fixed!!!

    I haven't played ghosts for months now because of all the bugs/cheats/hacks/lag as I thought after a few months maybe they would have resolved these issues... oh my god, the games just as bad!! I cant believe this gam...
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  • I need a magnifying glass, microscope and a good detective...

    ... to find out why the game just can't run properly.   - short freezings - lag - stutter - connection issues: slow loading, kicked out: "Lost connection to host" etc. - etc   I have tried next ways &n...
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  • Please give us the option to disable DLC!!

    Ever since the DLC maps have been added into the normal rotation I find it impossible to find a game. Right now it is 11:53 am and there is 2000 people online, 1000 playing tdm and 400 playing dom and I can't find a g...
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  • DropZone Bug

    Do you have problems with this gamemode?  After a few kills or at the start my HUD dissapears.. can't see anythig.. map, score, player list, killstreaks.. can't press escape...
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  • Ghosts PC Updates (4/8/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   Apr. 8, 2014 &...
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    I have been trying to connect to the PC servers for COD Ghost for the past ten days!!!!!!!   Have tried all the list advise from any previous discussions but still the same "try again in a while" wtf is going on...
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  • (PC) I cant connect to online servers (PC)

    on coD ghosts, everytime i click on "online play" it comes up saying that the call of duty servers arnt available at this time and to see the status gto to http://callofduty/ghosts/status for updates and everytime i h...
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  • An error message, with photo

    Hey all,   Have you guys experienced this error message?   http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=240500086     If so, what does it mean? Thank you very much
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  • extinction teeth

    i'm just tired of escaping on point of contact for finally having a crash at the final leaderboard .... happened three time in a row, just drives me mad. I could have made like 9-10 teeths ...
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