• Ghosts PC Updates (4/22/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   Apr. 22, 2014 ...
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  • Toobs nerfed??

    I hadn't played for about 2 weeks but when I played last night, it seemed that the speed of the toob was slower and didn't explode on contact as they once did.   Is it just me or did they nerf them?   I kn...
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  • April 22 DLC - PC excluded?

    This is all I could find regarding the question - will PC be getting the dlc? (soap, weapon camo's, announcers, etc)   From DigitalSpy: "The expansions will be joined by other new content, including a 'Soap Le...
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  • how to stop a hacker from joining you.

    Got in with steam today and supposedly if you block communication with someone they are not able to join the game you are in. so block the **** out of ™ thaT g!rL .I AM. ® since she is an obvious hacker.&nbs...
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  • ghost clan app on pc

    ghost can somebody help me. I downloaded the cod ghost app on my pc the first time I downloaded it it worked just fine but now everytime I click on the app it says "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS OFFLINE"   I HAVE...
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  • Unable to Join

    Haven't been able to connect to the CoD Ghosts server in days and no idea why, it just tells me to check the status page.
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  • is there any fix for getting stuck on "waiting for other players"?

    Also all the Domination servers are laggy as hell. They are literally unplayable. The Gun game servers are also laggy but not as laggy as the Domination servers.   So is the problem in(on?) my computer/internet...
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  • Ghosts PC Appears More Fixed... Maybe People Will Come Back?

    I've been an optimist for Ghosts on PC ever since I got it, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it this whole time. And throughout the updates, I think Ghosts finally has a stable version. I've been having a much easier time ...
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  • Why I regret getting CoD: Ghosts

    First off, I'm not here to insult anyone at either Activision or Infinity Ward. I rarely use forums, I don't think they make much of a difference when developers don't really seem to show appreciation or even the sl...
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  • About to quit playing game

    Every game i get in lately is filled with Aimbot hackers!! Please for the love of all fair gaming fix this !!
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  • I have windows 8.1 and when I click on the COD:Ghost is brings me to the title screen then says "COD has stopped working", please help i havnt been able to play yet because of this!

    I meet all the system requirements needed for the game but it still constantly comes up with the message is this a bug or something, are they addressing this problem, is there any way to fix it?       ...
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  • How do u even play multiplayer?

    Just bought the game and very excited to start playing, however how the hell do you even start playing? I am VERY frustrated with this non-transparent system. I press "find game" then it tells me to "select my soldier...
    Otello King
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  • resert stats or more prestige

    set in options reset stats or more prestige in ghosts
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  • i cant seems to start to play cod: ghost

    i just download cod: ghost but i cant seems to start. I've already troubleshoot. but it still cant start. it only say "Fail to start game(unknown error)''. mind helping anyone.
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  • Servers Down

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  • Kicked for inactivity

    Why is it that I am still being kicked for inactivity while "waiting for other players" in Gun Game? According to some of the forum threads this has been a known issue from the beginning. It's just wonderful that we c...
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  • PC players

         Is it only me who noticed that the numbers of players in the cod playlists are extremely low? I hope it is possible to play with xbox or ps4 players in the future.
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  • Ghost DLC Question

    OK, its evening now & still no Maverick Gun. Also why not do the maps the way Black Ops 2 did? Is it going to that way with all the dlc maps? 4 sections with only 4 maps to choose from in each section? Everyon...
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  • Snoop Dogg and CODg?!

    This would be amusing if it were April Fool's but this was posted 2 days ago.   http://www.polygon.com/2014/4/15/5618406/snoop-dogg-voice-pack-coming-to-call-of -duty-ghosts-april-22   *sigh*
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  • Why you screw up free-for-all?

    Whats is going on? 18 playsers on one map in free-for-all? Really stupid idea. Who can play like that campers noobs? Normal players stop play. Whats with your brain activision? Now this is game for 3 yera old child. p...
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