• Most annoying guy?

    Riot shield guy? Knife guy? No attachments guy? (Cause he's so good) Corner camper guy? Hip fire guy? Laying on his d!ck guy? Pistol guy? 2 pistols guy? Eating chips while his mic is on guy? <---- most annoying! Et...
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  • I start COD up and all my Warcry gear is gone?

    So i logged on this morning to find my character not having his warcry uniform, helmet, and gun camos on??   They were still unlocked and I put them back on but should I be worried?
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  • The community will be what kills Call of Duty

    As the title says, a lot of questions are asked about what will bring the demise of the Call of Duty franchise. Some say it will be the developers of the game, Activision, or a different shooter entirely. From my expe...
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  • Game seems so much harder lately.

    Before I get ragged on I consider myself average ok? 1.2 Win/loss and 1.4 KDR. Nothing special at all.   Ever since the last patch and Onslaught added to regular rotation the games feels 100 times harder. Every ...
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  • Server Error: 4096 Please Fix this...

    Hello,     I don't know if others are having this issue, but it's a 50/50 chance when I boot up the PS4 that I'll get an Error Code: 4096 when logging into COD Ghosts for Multi-Player. Since I don't kno...
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  • gunnery sgt hartman

    so whos ready for gunnery sgt hartman iknow i cant wait anyone know when they come out on psn
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  • No PS4 Friends

    Just got a PS4 a few days ago and all but 1 of my friends is on PS3 still. If you like playing a variety of game modes and play often, feel free to add me.   PSN: QuAnTrAz   Stats: 1.7 k/d 2.5 w/l 13 da...
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  • Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/3/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   Apr. 8, 2014 &...
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  • DLC

    I have two issues - the first being that I recently bought a PS4 and transferred my PS3 account with season pass without any problem, what didn't transfer was the Captain Pryce DLC, my Wolf Skin and Extra Loadouts all...
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  • Looking for a few cod friends

    Just looking for some people to play ghosts with, I normally play solo and it can be frustrating to say the least. I have a 2.7 kd or something around there, not sure about win loss but as I said I play solo so I'm su...
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  • Is this it?

    After playing cod for a fair few years it has become apparent that for a section of the community (probably a small section compared to the masses) this game after the first few months becomes totally unplayable as a ...
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  • Here's an idea!

    How about the DEVS drop Team Tactical, Blitz, & Cranked from the Core game list and add Ground War and/or Free For All to the Hardcore game list since there are less than 500 players on each one of those Core game...
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  • I don't know about evryone else but to me it feels like the spawn system has gone to complete crap!

    I play HC TDM, DOM, & KC and for the past 2-3 days when I get killed I get spawned with an enemy behind me or to the side of me and get killed again; if there isn't one within my vicinity then a few seconds later ...
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  • Looking For Late Night (Pacific Time) Players

    Hello I am looking for people in my time zone to play later in the evening with me. I have a clan but everyone is off around 8pm due to time difference. I have a couple people who just joined my clan but I'm looking ...
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  • Not whining just want an answer

    Ok I am sure some of you have experienced this.  I am not sure whether it is me and my internet or the other guy.  You see a guy, you shoot at said guy, the guy spazzes out and what looks like skips (laggy?)...
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  • anyone experiencing enemys  disappearing when you shoot them

    seems like several games yesterday our clan would be shooting guys and they'd just disappear. they didn't leave the game though they just disappeared when you shoot at them. at first my team mate asked us if it was...
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  • Friends..?

    I just recently got a PS4, I don't have an awful lot of friends and I was looking for people to play ghosts with. I'm not really a serious player, and, I haven't got the best K/D.. I have, however, just started.. Add...
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  • Looking for new Ghost friends on PS4

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to find some new friends to play Ghosts with consistently. I'm not that serious with the game, but I try to win. My PSN is Cyberce. Add me if your up to chat and play and let me know you added...
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  • Error code 4096 - call of duty ghosts ps4

    wtf is going on? why do i pay for this ****?? fix the problem.....ik trying to play online for weeks !! sometimes it works but most of the time its not !!!!!! fix it!!!!! can someone help me?
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  • Was I just in a hacked lobby?

    I just (about half hour ago) went into a Hardcore Kill Confirmed and the video below is what I got...   Every player seemed to be an enemy, and as you can see at the bottom of the screen the score is nothing lik...
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