• Is there an announcer in local split-screen multiplayer?

      I occasionally play local (offline) single player and split-screen. When I play single player the regular announcer works fine but my dlc Drill Instructor doesn’t; which isn’t that big of a problem...
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  • Need help PS4 Ghosts!

    i accidently deleted the ghosts application on ps4 and it deleted all my add on content, but iv still got the makarov skin? when i also had extra slots and devastation dlc aswell, but its saying i need to buy them aga...
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  • Profile Transfer Problem

    I'm trying to link my PS3 account to my PS4, but when I try and log in to ELITE on my PS3, it keeps saying the account has already been registered to a platform account. Help?
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  • I have been banned for no reason

    Like many, I have a permanent ban for no reason. There is clearly an issue. I would love to get this taken care of asap because I might explode if I don't get to play....  :-)   How can we get this taken ca...
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  • please My Call of Duty: Ghosts Stats Have Been Reset or Rolled Back

    help me plz
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  • PS3 shutdown on cod ghosts since update 1.13

    Hi everyone, i have a question. Anybody besides me have a problem with Cod ghosts about playing? i mean when i wanna play on ghosts, when i begin a game my PS3 shutdown since the 1.13 update...but this problem is only...
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  • Unable to host...?

    Hello All,   I have an issue with starting a party or even becoming a party leader. If I become party leader, all will get kicked, and people cannot join my invites. NAT Type: Open ; and NAT Type 2 in PS4 ; I se...
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  • Ps3/ghost non stop freezing

    my ps3 is continually freezing whilst playing extinction and now and then mp,  I've tried re-installing data fixing data and all the other easy fixes out there, I get no error codes just completely freezes I know...
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  • why does ghost lag so much

    im frustrated i was trying to play, but i couldnt because there was lag so i tried to play another games they worked perfectly fine and i played ghost yesterday and it worked well. so what the **** is the problem?
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  • Multiplayer will not work

    Hello everyone!   I recently purchased Call of Duty Ghosts for my PC and I've been having fun playing in campaign mode, but now I want to try multiplayer. However, whenever I click on the multiplayer option, the...
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  • permanent ban for no reason and with no prior issues or violations

    I am 44 Years old and have apparently been permanently banned from playing Call of Duty: Ghosts... For what I don't know as I have gone through all of your security policies and not committed one violation. I have nev...
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  • Invasion dlc

    I just purchased the invasion map pack, but when i try to play awakening i get a disk read error message.. mp_alien_dlc3 .What can be done to fix it ?
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  • How to let Activision know about a bug in an iOS app?

    I recently switched from Android phone to an iPhone and notice that when in the Call of Duty Ghosts app My Profile section, if you pull down to refresh your stats (after a match) the white bar does not get adjusted on...
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  • why is the departed DLC map super bright?

    I have the new Invasion DLC on xbox one and the map departed comes out so bright when I play with another live account.  When i play with a guest its plays fine.  Its like the brightness gets crancked up so ...
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  • call of duty app dont work in motorola moto g?

    im cant donwload call of duty app, its not compattible whit motorola moto g?
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  • how exactly do you report bugs on this site? tesla trap bug, mayday mission

    During the mayday mission in extermination there is a bug with the tesla traps. If the trap despawns in a players hand it glitches the player preventing them from doing anything. Even after being downed and revived i ...
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  • Ghost Server not available at this time.

    Hello, I had the multiplayer connected. And played it for a couple of times, but from yesterday morning, it says Ghost server is not online. Does it have something to do with my ISP? Or is it something else. I tri...
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  • Ive tried to party up with my mate on multiplayer but it said im unable to.So wondering if anyone could help

    Ive tried to party up with my mate on multiplayer but it said unable to.Can someone help ?
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  • My Clan name won't change

    My Clan and I are unable to change our name. We have all attempted to change it, but we all get error messages. If someone knows why and how to fix it, I would appreciate the help. And yes, our Commander did try to ch...
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  • Can't use dlc skins at all offline.

         I recently purchased some dlc skins such as the Soap legend pack, extinction skin pack and the classic ghost head and since I have poor internet connection at my house I play local only and ye...
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