• why is the departed DLC map super bright?

    I have the new Invasion DLC on xbox one and the map departed comes out so bright when I play with another live account.  When i play with a guest its plays fine.  Its like the brightness gets crancked up so ...
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  • How to let Activision know about a bug in an iOS app?

    I recently switched from Android phone to an iPhone and notice that when in the Call of Duty Ghosts app My Profile section, if you pull down to refresh your stats (after a match) the white bar does not get adjusted on...
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  • why does ghost lag so much

    im frustrated i was trying to play, but i couldnt because there was lag so i tried to play another games they worked perfectly fine and i played ghost yesterday and it worked well. so what the **** is the problem?
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  • Ps3/ghost non stop freezing

    my ps3 is continually freezing whilst playing extinction and now and then mp,  I've tried re-installing data fixing data and all the other easy fixes out there, I get no error codes just completely freezes I know...
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  • Unable to host...?

    Hello All,   I have an issue with starting a party or even becoming a party leader. If I become party leader, all will get kicked, and people cannot join my invites. NAT Type: Open ; and NAT Type 2 in PS4 ; I se...
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  • how many controllers can I connect to cod playing online or local?

    I have three controllers and would like to get all 3 connected to play together online or local. i created a separate playstation user for each controller. I have the online membership and it is active. I connect al...
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  • PS3 shutdown on cod ghosts since update 1.13

    Hi everyone, i have a question. Anybody besides me have a problem with Cod ghosts about playing? i mean when i wanna play on ghosts, when i begin a game my PS3 shutdown since the 1.13 update...but this problem is only...
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  • Disc Read Error MP_etc?????

    Hi Ive Been Playing Ghosts On The PS4 Since They Came Out. Now With This Last DLC, Invasion, None Of The Maps Work The Go Black Screen, Then I Get The Disc Reaad Errors...It Happens On Every New Map. I Did All Of The ...
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  • Can Someone Help !!

    why does it not show who's on PSN friends or offline it only shows people on and offline on my Clan nothing else also when i check my leaderboards it only shows my name know one else I'm so lost now been like this for...
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  • Ghost servers down for ps4?

    I just purchased the digital copy from the PlayStation store and downloaded it this morning.  I tried to play online this afternoon but it said the servers were down.  Which was strange because both my frien...
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  • please My Call of Duty: Ghosts Stats Have Been Reset or Rolled Back

    help me plz
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  • NAT Type Shifting, and Continuing Problems

         Hello, all. If you refer to my MANY other threads, where I struggle to achieve Open NAT Type, you can see some of my previous issues. Well, many hours, calls to my ISP, and 2 tech support line...
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  • my stats rank and squad data are all mirroring another profile on my PS3

    I have 3 people that play ghosts on my ps3 two were playing split screen yesterday when they were done i logged in and all the profile stats and data for one kept loading as mine.  Now my cod app is showing all t...
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  • why me blocked?i not thot bad i didn't do!call of duty ghost-multiplayer

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  • Profile Transfer Problem

    I'm trying to link my PS3 account to my PS4, but when I try and log in to ELITE on my PS3, it keeps saying the account has already been registered to a platform account. Help?
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  • cannot connect to online cod

    For the past two weeks I have not been able to connect online to cod.  I am signed into my psn and wifi is working fine.  I go to press online mode, it loads for a bit then tells me it is unavailable at this...
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  • Cod Ghosts Pc soundtrack not giving me an optioni to download on Pc??

    I bought the hardened edition, it says "Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Soundtrack: Upgrade your playlist with a digital copy of the in-game score." and I have a code so when I went on the link which it says it wanted m...
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  • Need help PS4 Ghosts!

    i accidently deleted the ghosts application on ps4 and it deleted all my add on content, but iv still got the makarov skin? when i also had extra slots and devastation dlc aswell, but its saying i need to buy them aga...
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  • Game has started crashing on map loading screen

    I used to be able to play, but now when I login, matches will never load.  It just freezes on the map loading screen, and says call of duty ghosts has stopped responding.   I can not play any more!   ...
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  • My Advanced Warfare DLC Isn't There After 2 Weeks Of Activation.

    I activated my code about 2 weeks ago and i still can not use or even see the new camo's, backgrounds ETC. Anyone know why?
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