• I have been banned for no reason

    Like many, I have a permanent ban for no reason. There is clearly an issue. I would love to get this taken care of asap because I might explode if I don't get to play....  :-)   How can we get this taken ca...
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  • Can't connect to call of duty servers

    I live in the uk and i havent been able to play online on my ps3 since friday It keeps on telling me that there is a problem with the server but when i check on the website it tells me to check the servers are on de...
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  • Can't Connect to Online Services -  COD Ghosts PC Digital Deluxe Edition (Steam)

    Everytime I try to enter Multiplayer on Call of Duty:Ghosts I get this Error message: "Error - The Call of Duty:Ghosts Server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/gh...
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  • Problems with COD Advanced Warfare camo XBOX360

    I redeemed my COD advanced warfare camo and it did all right. It said my code will be added to my account within 24 hours. Now over 48 hours later my camo is still not added to my account while my code is redeemed?!
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  • ive prestiged twice in cod :ghosts but it still shows ive only prestiged once

    ive heard this is a reoccuring problem.what do i need to do?
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  • hello i got cod ghosts on ps4 and i cant download the 2 dlc why

    call of duty ghosts season pass plss help me im on ps4 psn: snurrebajas
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  • Snoop Dogg DLC doesn't work for two players on the same device! Can anybody help me? I'm spanish.

    Hey guys! Snoop Dogg's voice doesn't work on call of duty ghosts if I play multiplayer mode with a friend on the same playstation. Why is this? It's very strange.
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  • help please

    how do I join back to my own clan? i was commander and it kicked me randomly. nobody in the clan can add me back as it is still saying im commander but on my account it says i need to create a clan? help please
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  • permanent ban for no reason and with no prior issues or violations

    I am 44 Years old and have apparently been permanently banned from playing Call of Duty: Ghosts... For what I don't know as I have gone through all of your security policies and not committed one violation. I have nev...
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  • DLC COD Advance Warfare

    So, I am from Mexico, and I reaally want the DLC Sentinel Camo Pack. I read this is only available for US. Does anyone have any idea how I could get it? I tried contacting Activison but never had a response.   T...
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  • game still broken

    i have not played this game for 5 months went back on today to find that the game is still broken Gyazo - 25f344b559cd7a6c80173f612b65fe3d.png
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  • please My Call of Duty: Ghosts Stats Have Been Reset or Rolled Back

    steam version..   please My Call of Duty: Ghosts Stats Have Been Reset or Rolled Back!!!!   I was playing COD ghost Invasion, online playing Multiplaying, I got disconnect with the note: "COD ghost multipl...
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  • Can't connect to online services (PC) on steam

    So this problem occured arfter a week of playing multiplayer fine then after that it began to connect longer and longer sometimes it connected or just didn't connect but i can't connect anyway i tried for an hour to g...
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  • Activison help plz

    I Love your game but back in January i got invited to a hacked lobby it gave me no advantage no squad points all I got was my second prestige I'm really worried I'll go home and on Saturday ill find out I've been rese...
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  • PS3 Season Pass - Map packs unavailable.

    As per topic title, and seemingly multiple other users - I'm unable to download the Map Packs for Ghosts on PS3 apparently because.. I already own the season pass. Normally owning the pass shouldn't be a problem with ...
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  • Season pass for ghosts doesnt work

    why can't i contact damn support for my questions have to do forum?
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  • Disc Read Error MP_etc?????

    Hi Ive Been Playing Ghosts On The PS4 Since They Came Out. Now With This Last DLC, Invasion, None Of The Maps Work The Go Black Screen, Then I Get The Disc Reaad Errors...It Happens On Every New Map. I Did All Of The ...
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  • why can i not access my DLC going from ps3 to ps4

    Purchased the season pass DLC less than 2 months ago for my PS3, have since upgraded to the PS4 but cannot download the DLC. Whats going on here? Are they trying to rip people off by making them purchase it twice?
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  • I am vac banned, Please help.

    I do not cheat COD Ghost. Please help.
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  • help

    I pre order advanced warfare game i tried to redeem my code to get the advanced warfare gear but it said its invalid what do i do fix it ?
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