• I have been banned for no reason

    Like many, I have a permanent ban for no reason. There is clearly an issue. I would love to get this taken care of asap because I might explode if I don't get to play....  :-)   How can we get this taken ca...
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  • i bought cod ghost gold edition and did not get my dlc

    I bought the gold edition for call of duty ghosts and it did not come with the dlc and yes I bought it brand new in wrapper and everything
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  • Is there an announcer in local split-screen multiplayer?

      I occasionally play local (offline) single player and split-screen. When I play single player the regular announcer works fine but my dlc Drill Instructor doesn’t; which isn’t that big of a problem...
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  • Can't start CoD:Ghosts

    Hi!   I've bought and downloaded CoD:Ghosts from Steam, but when I try to start it, it just show "Preparing to launch" message, which disappears and appears again. I search for solutions on forums, tried to upda...
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  • Why can't you use special characters/DLC uniforms in offline local play? It makes zero sense.

    Am I the only one who thinks it's pretty ridiculous that you seemingly can't use any of the special characters or DLC items on local multiplayer? I know it's a cosmetic thing only, but I enjoy using my ghost mask whil...
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  • cannot verify email

    whenever I try to verify my email all that pops up is a blank screen
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  • why is my ps3 freezing durning mayday or nightfall? how to fix it???

    why is my ps3 freezing durning mayday or nightfall? how to fix it??? any one else still having the game crash or freeze up on u please reply to this.. i heard alot of ppl having probs too..
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  • I love ghosts so much. Until that day..

    I love ghosts so much. It's honestly my favorite game.. At least it used to be until I found out that all my stuff got reset as if I just bought the game! Everything was gone! All my gold guns, My positive KD, and my ...
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  • My game will not load up !! please

    Hello !   When I launch my game, I have the loading screen with the mask and then it load, and load, and load, I have this problem since 3 days ...   I tried :   - Unplug my xbox for a night DIDNT WO...
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  • my onslaught dlc is no longer there what to do?

    So this week I was playing ghosts everything was fine. But today I go check my classes and see the maverick and a2 maverick are unavailable for me. It seems all my onslaught dlc is gone!  I buyed it in like 2013 ...
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  • help

    Ive to download the updates for ghost it wont let me can anyone help plz
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  • CE -334878-0 errors

    I need help with the COD ghosts Errors CE-34878-0 I have tried everything please help.  This error comes up for all COD ghosts games.  I have initialized set to default connected land line directly to Intern...
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  • Can anyone tell me why i cant connect to xbox live on ghosts xbox one?

    Can anyone tell me why i cant connect to xbox live on ghosts xbox one? Its telling me to try again later or visit the website about updates but i can find anything.
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  • has anyone else not been able to search for a game it only finds 1 game since monday

    its really laggy to i have decent internet but it all it says when searching for a game is no games found takes 10 mins to find 1 since monday is this cuz of the hot fix for the search destroy
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  • I am vac banned, Please help.

    I do not cheat COD Ghost. Please help.
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  • Call Of Duty App Has Kicked Me And Won't Let Me Re-join

    I am ( or was ) the commander of a clan ( UK I PRO ) which i made with friends. After finally getting my AW pack to work it has kicked me from the clan. It still says that i'm the commander but i'm not in the clan. Th...
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  • help with app

    i cannot log in to the app it lets me in yhen says play 1 mulitiplater and log in i have done this 15-20 times
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  • Preorder bonus kicked me from my clan and removed all earned clan patches and gear

    Just redeemed the code for advanced warfare preorder bonus on the 360. When I went to go check them out I was removed from my clan and lost all my earned clan patches and uniform/head gear. Anyone else encounter this ...
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  • How do I access the DLC

    How do I access the DLC maps after they have been fully downloaded? The Extinction modes can be accessed but No DLC maps are coming up randomly at all ever. Why is there no options to play on the DLC maps only? I want...
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  • vac Ban !!

    I don't know what you think but İ didn't do anything. You are banning People Who are not using hack AND Playing fair but not banning people who uses hack and ruining other people's game. If being a good player is not ...
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