• Ghosts...My final review...

    So now Ive had some time with Ghosts, and as a codaholic who lives and breathes the game, can I share with you my last verdict on this latest episode before Treyarch step in to compete...    First the good ...
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  • Unearthed vs Dome

    Wich is better unearthed or dome? I dont like unearthed at all but dome is really good.   Any opinions wich is better?
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  • Spawn system is much worse

    Just a quick note for the devs, the spawn system is now much worse after the recent patch that was released.   I'm being spawn killed much more often now.   It's ridiculous and I hear people complaining ov...
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  • Tac 12 needs to be nerfed.

    I'm sure this isn't the first time that this has come up, but holy f***, please nerf the Tac 12. I'm so freaking tired of getting mowed down from 10 feet away by some n00b with a Tac 12. I'm not talking like, huge ner...
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  • Call of Duty's golden days

    This is a message to Activision, Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Sledgehammer games if you want a successful game you will want to take a look at this as well.   below is a video of someone explaining some key point...
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  • My faith in the COD community has been restored a little

    So this is a personal experience tonight. Playing some HCTDM tonight and going with COD logic it was with people in the top 10 percent (the lowest rank in the lobby was below 49000 and the highest was ranked 55(on the...
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  • Is it worth getting a monitor?

    Hi just wanting to know if it's worth getting a monitor for gaming? As I can get a pretty good deal on a benq full hd 24" gl2450hm. Apparently it's what mlg use and recommend. at the moment I'm using a 50" full hd 3d ...
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  • Best gun on ghosts to use?

    Anybody have any suggestions on whats the best gun to use on ghosts? Im used to the UMP from mw2 an mw3 so im still having a difficult time adjusting to the weapons. (Please dont say snipers -_-) .
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  • Ghost spawn system in a nutshell

    The Hunger Games #8 Movie CLIP - Cornucopia Bloodbath (2012) HD Movie - YouTube Rinse and repeat every time you die.
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  • Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   July 1, 2014 &...
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  • Starting Up Clan (Xbox360)

    Hello Guys its Your boy MontanaTheGod And im Looking To Start up a COD Clan For The Xbox360 Called ''oWARZ'' our Goals will be to be one of The Most Feared Clans on COD Ghost . I Need Good  Players And Pros ( Gam...
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  • Is there a solution yet??

    So I was playing tonight and omfg the lag is fukn useless when is game going to be consistent?? The last wk I have been playing this not an issue tonight was a joke! im trying so hard to get my k/d up but no pop arou...
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  • can you make Cod Ghosts Awakening easier?

    it is really hard
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  • Is it possible to purchase a DLC weapon separately.

    So about an hour ago I bought $15 worth of microsoft points. I want to buy the 3 DLC weapons but not the map packs because I have 2.0 GB of space left and I want to save the space. And if it is possible to purchase it...
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  • New Competitive Team?

    I am really interested in starting a new competitive team, not a clan. I want to find a few people that are good at Call of Duty: Ghosts. I don't really care about K/D, I just want to see if you can play good. My GT i...
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  • Why does K/D matter?

    I have been playing Ghosts since the day it came out and in my opinion my K/D sucks. I have a 7.23 K/D and get s*** from all the prestige 10's with 3.0 K/D's. I may not have the best K/D on the game but I try my best ...
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  • DLC Maps in Xbox Live Squads

    Hi everyone I hope you are all fine. I have a little question: The Ghosts Season Pass is on sale and I want to get it. I play Xbox Live Squads (on my 360) as the latency from my country is still a little high. Ar...
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  • Is anybody else unable to play Ghosts because of the xbox live service alert?

    Starting on Monday, I'm unable to play Ghosts online (or at all for that matter) because of this xbox service alert. When I turn on my xbox it runs really slow then it just automatically disconnects from xbox live bef...
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  • Playing without dead silence

    Is a joke. Whats the point of being able to choose perks if the game is unplayable without certain perks like dead silence?. Its back to dead silence for me as being soundwhored is simply not fun in the slightest. PS...
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  • Why are my map packs missing?

    Hello everyone.  First time posting so please bear with me.  I've been reading these forums for a while and I find it both informative and entertaining.  There are many subjects which I wanted to commen...
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