• Diamond Division Awards!

    Hi i was wondering if they where put a new camo like the diamond war cry for dimond division ??
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  • clan tag not showing up ingame

    Hello,   I started up a clan and we have 12 members so far. Our clan tag shows up in pregame but after the game when the score card pops up it doesn't show our clan tag and I dont know why.  Can someone ple...
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  • Kicked from clan and lost clan wars camos

    I just got on Ghost and found that I was no longer in my clan. I messaged my commander and he said that i was the only one that didn't show up on the clan roster on the app. He sent me a invite back to the clan but no...
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  • How do i get reset?

    Im tenth prestige and want to get reset, I have tried getting my friends to report me for boosting but all that done was ban me from the COD app so i need any suggestions to  get me reset. thanks!
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  • Can't use dlc skins at all offline.

         I recently purchased some dlc skins such as the Soap legend pack, extinction skin pack and the classic ghost head and since I have poor internet connection at my house I play local only and ye...
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  • Clan Wars

    Hey guys,   I have had several clans now, and still don't know how to get into a clan war. Does it automatically put you in it or do I, and what, do I have to press? Right now, we have 4 members, and we are grow...
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  • Highly dubious scores in Squads

    Part of Squads is that your AI squad gets challenged by a player and their squad when you're not present.   I've got a 2,1 ratio of wins, I have no issue with loses but wins or loses are always within a maximum ...
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  • Season pass rubbish!!

    So I brought the season past the other night and ever since I have had it matchmaking has gotten soooo bad. Lobby's take forever to get into. 1 game found Crap. Lag kills left right and centre. The game is absolute **...
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  • Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   July 1, 2014 &...
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  • Nerf the 9-Bang Grenades! +more

    It is too blinding, and it is too OP. I am always getting melted by people who throw these stupid things at me, people shouldn't be able to cook it either, a flash grenade and an emp is lame and unfair! IW needs to n...
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  • Killcam question

    What is most embarassing or coolest killcam you have ever seen?   Most embarrasing ive seen when a guy destroy own teams sentrygun and ballistic wests in same killcam
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  • CHECK OUT [Removed by Moderator]

    [Removed by Moderator]   Message was edited by: OGHuxtable http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200684926#.UuAn6BDTnmE
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  • Anyone use scuf controllers?

    Hey all just want to know if anyone uses scuf controllers and which one or are they basically all the same thing different colors etc. and do they really give an advantage, over other players? They look difficult to ...
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  • More cheaters...

    I may just be unlucky when it comes to cheaters. Ghosts has been the first title in which I've encountered cheaters on numerous occasions. No, I'm not referring to getting beat and whatnot. I'm talking about actual ch...
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  • Things that grind my gears

    1) Getting a loss added to your record from host migration when you are winning the game.   2) The stun animation showing their character with his hand in his face and gun pointing to the ground when it's fully ...
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  • Any thoughts on new cod coming out?

    The futuristic blah of cod...I dont think its going to be successful either ..Ghost 2
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  • Unknown Why my son's profile and mine were banned

    Yesterday,  My son and I logged on to play COD Ghosts multiplayer and we both learned that we were permanently banned.  I believed this to be some type of error.  Later, I went to the Activision website...
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  • Best gun on ghosts to use?

    Anybody have any suggestions on whats the best gun to use on ghosts? Im used to the UMP from mw2 an mw3 so im still having a difficult time adjusting to the weapons. (Please dont say snipers -_-) .
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  • Ghosts...My final review...

    So now Ive had some time with Ghosts, and as a codaholic who lives and breathes the game, can I share with you my last verdict on this latest episode before Treyarch step in to compete...    First the good ...
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  • Loooking to join a clan in clan wars!!

    Ok so i really want to join a clan in clan wars. im already in a clan but they barely play. i want to join a clan level 21 or higher.   My Gt: MrHyPeZzz421
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