• 2 CoD Ghost on Xbox One

    Hello,   Yesterday I installed CoD Ghost on my Xbox One but then I noticed there were 2 of them the normal Ghost and the Gold Edition. Both they took 42.1 GB, I wanted to remove the Gold Edition cause if I unins...
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  • ghillie suit.... so hard to get....

    I have been trying to get the ghillie suit achievement and am finding it very difficult to aim with any sniper or marksmen riffle... can someone suggest a good load out that I could use to achieve this???   My a...
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  • the lowest common denomination wins again

    i usually dont do the forum scene for games, even though i am a long time heavy gamer and a huge call of duty fan, but i cant help myself with this piece of trash they served up for $60 plus season pass cost and extra...
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  • No Hardcore Attention

    If you play hardcore at all, you'll here how terrible the modes are for HC. I mean, Search and Rescue is a core game type, where you have the health and reasoning to even try for tags. Search and Destroy at its heart ...
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  • anyone want to play some search and destroy?

    i have a 1.75 kd, if you want to play, add me dallasfan55. id prefer people with mics
    created by dallasfan5
  • New camo

    Why can't you ever make simple nice clean camos any more red tiger from cod4 was my most favourite camo and now there's never anything like it any more ;(
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  • Need a Team

    May sound dumb but alot of my friends on the 360 dont have a xbox one and its hard to play Ghosts by your self if you dont have a team so im looking for a group of ppl willing to play and communicate during game play,...
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  • Where are the dedicated servers!

    where are the damn dedicated servers ?!?! Always getting kicked out of a game because the god damn hosts leaves ? What's up with this dedicated servers that they promised on the xbox one ?
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  • Ghosts Xbox One Updates (7/1/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   July 1, 2014 &...
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  • Xbox 360 to XB1

    Recently I brought a XB1 and traded in my Xbox 360, downloaded my profile, my season pass and map packs to date with ease but don't seem to be able tp download my camos and specials I purchased. I am led to believe th...
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  • XBOX ONE- XBOX LIVE IS DOWN - 100% PACKET LOSS - 7/17/2014

    Tried to sign into Xbox Live today on my Xbox One, I could not sign in. Everything else in my house connects to the internet. Did a network test on the X1. 100% packet loss. Many are having the issue right now. &n...
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  • Moving from xbox 360 to Xbox one

    So I had an xbox 360 and I was playing call of duty ghosts I bought seson pass and camo and the voice thing and anther staff so one I get my xbox one I only get the sason  pass didn't get the anther items so is t...
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  • Problems with Campers and the Community in every Call of Duty from MW2-Ghost

    The Problem with Call of Duty from the Community and in the game is that they complain about how they are better then anyone or everyone in the whole game, and not other then that they think it that way they also ruin...
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  • anyone want to party up and play some domination?

    looking for some kids who can get kills and play the objective, having a mic would be nice too
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  • The Animals in this game

    I think they did a great job adding animals into this game. The snakes,spiders, rats, birds they are all great and visible. Is it ever just silent in your game and you get a chance to listen to the ambient noises? Thi...
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  • This Game is a Mess!!

    I just purchased the Season Pass, and to be perfectly honest, I want my money back!   Lag is a huge issue in this game and the lag comp is an absolute joke!  It's gone from bad to completely unplayable for ...
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  • Prestige 1 (finally) but have questions on what to do now...

    So I finally got my first prestige... I actually thought it would be a big party onscreen with a glitter ball and some confetti, but that didn't happen...   On my first prestige character I only made 4 load outs...
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  • Split-Screen Brightness- Video Links Attached

    I have attached links to 2 of the videos that I have posted on my YouTube channel. I am having an issue with the brightness on split-screen multiplayer. I am having to switch between the 360 and the One to play Ghosts...
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  • Just bought xbox one.

    Hi all not sure if this has been answered or not somewhere else but... Do you have to re-purchase your customization camos and characters?
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  • Multiplayer Split-Screen to BRIGHT

    Is anyone else having trouble with multiplayer split-screen being too bright on certain maps? Some maps are impossible to play due to the brightness. I have calibrated all of my TV settings and XboxOne settings. It's ...
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