• What is up with NA

    This is a question I've being trying to think of an answer for a while. Why does America have alot of noobs for example when I play against players in America they camp your tactical insertion, they noobtube, commando...
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  • how to make mod for COD-MW2 ?

    hi all. i want to make mod for call of duty modern warfare 2 ,i means use radiant for start level design but i can't find any tool !! for COD4-MW i found a package for create environment and ...... and finally compi...
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Loadout

    Hey everybody, I am some what new to Call of Duty Ghosts and I am having a hard time figuring out the weapon load out. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I am currently using the Remington 15 with armor pi...
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  • League play

    whats up with all these people with a billion points in the master ladders? is this how black ops2 is going to be? you guys should do something about it. anybody reply back to this please and let me know whats going on
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    when does ghost come out
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  • If i use the heavy gunner pack but dont have the lsat unlocked do i still earn attachments for it?

    If i use the heavy gunner pack but dont have the lsat unlocked do i still earn attachments for it?
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  • Intrested in joining a gaming community

    SoD is now recruiting. We are a mature community that respects each other. If you do terrible then we do not put people down and make fun of them. EEverybody has a bad game once in a while. We don't require any K/D, S...
    created by Doggywentwoof
  • BO2 problem

    I dont know if this is for activision represantatives to look at but there is a serious sound bug or glitch that is really starting to annoy me and im not the only one,my friends complain about it as well.All you hear...
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  • Combat record?

    I'd like to see a feature that records stats per individual map.. I'd like to be able to see the ones I've been good at and the ones I completely suck at..
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  • Clan recuriting

    if you are looking for a clan that plays alot and take the game very serious then join UNSTOPABLE_F4T3 trying to get people that are good
    created by scorponok43
  • I need a clan asap must read

    Im nizmo_z_ and im looking for a ps3 clan I need a clan who is always looking for the win I need a clan I can communicate to and depend on I like to winand I will join anyones clanright now but u have to show me ur wh...
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  • Skylord CoD Clan:looking for players with capture cards and editors.

    Hello: Im skylord beamish. Owner of skylord clan(find us on youtube!) Owner: Skylord Beamish Co-owner: Yoko Piccolo: soon to change his name Feeders: xThund3rKill3rx: Soon to change his name ?( could this be...
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    Do u carve KILL CONFIRMED, DO YOU WANT A KC COMMUNITY? I've created a FACEBOOK community for Kill Confirmed. If you play alot of kill confirmed HIT LIKE and post us some shots of your games. I will hold a friendly ann...
    created by rayzablayde
  • PSN National Rankings

    I was wondering if somebody at IW could please release national rankings or my Australian Rank. My PSN is rayzablayde and currently ranked 4500 out of 10,000,000.
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  • Hey guys Harbob here, come check me out :)

    So my names Harbob, ive been doing commentaries for 10 days and previously i did lets play for a good while on a different channel. This is an invitation to come check me out so pop along if you want, see my stuff, ...
    created by Harbobimus
  • Looking for clan creators

    Hello everyone, I am looking for anyone that wants to start a clan with me and some others. If you are interested in creating a clan reply to this message or just send me a message on Xbox. Also if you don't want to c...
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  • why all the racist name calling ? Its only a game ?

    I cant seem to figure out why so many people are chosing COD to vent all there true hatred for african americans ? Its only a game and i am up here just to have fun. Nobody is even playing for money yet, so why must i...
    created by i91rida203
  • Imperial Gaming - iG_Sneakz

    Must See Watch in 1080p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASI0p248844 Commentary show some love Like,Subscribe,Comment , and Dont be hatting Lol jk -iG_Sneakz
    created by iG_Sneakz
  • Infinity Ward MW3 HUD idea different color for your friends.

    The HUD (mini map) while playing multiplayer with friends it needs to display different colors for friends instead of everyone blue. That way you can know where each friend is at. I believe it would benefit the team a...
    created by nightseeker12
  • Know anyone good?

    Do you guys know anyone good on youtube thats like TheSandyRavage. Who gets amazing scores and doesn't commentate? Thanks a bunch for reading :)
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