• MW2 hackers

    ok so iknow the gamer tage of one person who kicked me from a game and how has my ap address and knows my home address im hoping if we all put down gt that r hackers maybe they will do something about it. or maybe if ...
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  • Dead on Arrival is Back und sucht neue Mitglieder MW2,MW2 PC

    Der 'DoA' Clan Sucht Member [PC] Name: Dead on Arrival Welche COD Version:MW2,MW3 auf dem PC! Kommunikation:Teamspeak3 Zu erreichen unter:Steam: DoA_Membersuche Mindestalter:15 Beschreibung: Hallo, ...
    created by DeadonArrival
  • 10 noobiest guns

    1 - Noob tube / Thumper   I don't mind getting tubed if I'm tubing (to annoy whiny kids), or if I'm camping (I probably deserve to get the **** tubed out of me). But if I'm playing normally and I get tubed it's ...
    created by AComatoseIbex
  • Enemy killstreaks

    I've noticed one BIG difference in people's behaviour between MW2 and MW3 when enemy killstreaks start popping up.   In MW2, everyone* runs and hides in the nearest building where they are picked off by the enem...
    created by AComatoseIbex
  • CUSTOM Lobby Games (**MUST READ!!!**)

    I have created a lobby that I will host every saturday at 12:00 p.m. pacific time. There, we will play games such as gang wars, simon says, michael myers, knifing games, and sooo much more! I have created a youtube pa...
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  • Ode to Modern Warfare 2!

    Here is a quick video I made for my gaming community as we say good bye to Modern Warfare 2! Please keep in mind, all commentary is tongue in cheek and I still love this game! However we will no longer support events ...
    created by CaptainSlayer
  • Message received re hacking and game monitoring

    Hey all Received this message last night and was wondering if this is legit... Tried to find out some more info but hopefully someone can help me out... "I am a third party company we are clearing out all hack play...
    created by ranga0780
  • Wanna Be In A Clan? Well Glidez Is The One To Join (Ps3)

    Glidez is a trickshot/quickscope elite team and we are looking for more recruits. We've beaten alot of clans lately and think that upping the anty would make us undefeatable in away. So we would appreiciate if you wou...
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  • Searching for a mw2 clan on ps3

    yo im looking for mw2 ps3 clan i prefer a trickshot clan im at level 40 an i hope the clan plays for fun and not for a kd so my psn is MCpeppie and inv me for a clan plzz
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  • BeaT Clan RECRUITING!!!!

    BeaT Clan -We are a Killfeed/Trickshotting clan. We are not known alot, but we plan on getting huge on youtube. The clan was started by Step Stealth so add him on Xbox!!!! REQUIREMENTS *Must be a decent Trickshotter o...
    created by iTzStealthHD
  • EliteGamers4Life

    New clan!!!  EliteGamers4Life This a new clan I started so join at http://elitegamers4life.forumotion.com/ this is my clan's website.
    created by SpetsnazGRU12
  • If you don't laugh at this your not human

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  • please read call of duty people

    My friend and i  have been drawing a map for mw2 when it is finished ill take a picture of it and put it your facebook page please think of putting it into mw2 or mw3 we have been working on it for a while and st...
    created by DEAD_______MAU_5
  • Boosting in mw2. Theyre still boosting?

    The boosting in mw2 has exploded since the release of mw3. I feel that i should be able to play all COD games fairly. This is why i have made an agreement. Every booster you find must be destroyed. If youre on xbox fo...
    created by Sethdoom
  • Recruiting goo mmbers for vT clan must be good a Quickscoping and trickshotting!

    Message me if you want to join Gamertag: vT Proxy
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  • Clan trickshot

    I need clan of Trickshot ,, Necesito un clan de trickshot ,, j'ai besoin de un clan de trickshor ,, AND_22_WHITE this is my count
    created by AND_22_WHITE
  • My best gameplay on records! Leave your best gameplay here!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToG9iKq38qU There is my game play tell me what you think And yes i have bether gameplays but not records!
    created by ColdThunDer
  • Infinity Ward please Read this. Please!

    In my opinion Treyarch or Infinty Ward should update the games and patch it wheather or not it is old or new constantly so that there aren't many hackers in the game. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 this morning and I ...
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  • Getting 0/0 player everytime

    I bought MW2 last week and i can't play it. It always says 0/0 player and i can't play. Some says we can't play MW2 anymore because hackers got all the servers and officials not supporting the game anymore. Is it true...
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  • Mw2 level error on mw3

    Why wont my mw2 level show up on the 4 circles on mw3 ??
    created by ExiBitGam3r98